reQuire Celebrates Employee Achievements at its Annual Company-Wide Meeting

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Virginia Beach, Jan. 6, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Headquartered in Virginia Beach, VA, reQuire, LLC, the nation's leading online release tracking and reporting company, recognized ten employees at its annual company-wide meeting in December. As part of the company's Employee Recognition Program, these individuals were recognized amongst their peers for their accomplishments and successes in 2013.

The Account Manager of the Year was awarded to Donna Anderson. This award recognizes a member of reQuire's Sales Team who is an exceptional performer and upholds reQuire's high standards of excellence. Donna has been with reQuire since June 2012 and has been recognized five times in 2013 as Account Manager of the Month. Her knowledge, skill and charismatic personality combined with an unwavering determination to succeed make Donna an outstanding Team Member and a tremendous asset to the organization.

This year's Rookie of the Year Award was presented to Melchor Udan, Tech Research Specialist Lead. Since Melchor joined the Team in May 2013, his previous technology experience helped him identify ways to increase efficiencies within existing search processes and also discover new automation tools. Coming from outside of the real estate industry, Melchor brings a fresh perspective to his work, is a huge asset to the entire Team, and an extraordinary addition to the company.

reQuire's Distinguished Service Award recognizes one employee annually who demonstrates excellence in their field of work and has made a significant contribution to the organization over time. This year's Distinguished Service Award recipient is Fe Aguilar, Accounting Processor. Fe has been with reQuire since April 2008 and has always been an integral part of the team. With her great attention to detail, she has developed a check and balance system within the proofing department to ensure accuracy and control of all incoming payments. Fe can work at a fast pace while maintaining excellent accuracy, is able to resolve issues, and shows dedication and passion as a veteran in her department.

This year's INSPIRE Award was presented to Cindy Hitchings, Client Care Coordinator. reQuire's INSPIRE Award is a new award to the company. The recipient is chosen by their peers and is recognized as being an exceptional Team Member; someone who impacts the organization in a dependably positive, professional and personal way; and someone who represents reQuire's vision, mission, and values in everything that they do. Cindy goes far above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that reQuire's settlement agent partners receive the highest level of customer service every single time. She always has a smile on her face, maintains a professional and courteous demeanor, treats her Team members with respect and is always willing to lend a helping hand.

Also new this year are reQuire's Years of Service Awards. These awards were presented the following employees for their tenure with reQuire. Their hard work and dedication make it possible for reQuire to be the company that it is today. Five years of dedicated service: Fe Aguilar, Bree Burak, Shirley Carroll, Randy Cruz, Rob Dismaya, and Bill Lang. Ten years of dedicated service: Pratik Kothari.

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reQuire ( is the leading lien release tracking and reporting service in the real estate settlement services industry. For more than a decade, reQuire has proactively tracked and verified the payoff and cancellation of prior mortgage accounts and liens after the closing for the land owner. Our goal is to restore certainty in the closing by minimizing costs, disruptions, and frustrations for all parties associated with the transaction - land owners, realtors, loan officers, attorneys, underwriters, and settlement agents.

Founded in 2002, reQuire provides a unique solution to the epidemic problem in the industry related to unreleased deeds of trust. The inconsistency in lien release-reconveyance methods among states and courthouses has created an ongoing and costly problem in tracking and reporting the release of property liens. Many are familiar with setbacks associated with unreleased liens; our goal is to eliminate setbacks for everyone at the closing table.

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