Reid and Fitzgibbons Appointed to the Board of Directors of The Cereghino Group; Becky Pendleton Reid Named President; Diane Fitzgibbons Named Vice-President

SEATTLE, Jan. 7, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Cereghino Group, a national Corporate Investor Relations firm founded in 1992, today announced it has named Becky Pendleton Reid and Diane Fitzgibbons to its board of directors. In addition, Reid has been promoted to President of the company and Fitzgibbons has been promoted to Vice President. Len Cereghino will continue to serve as Chairman of the Board.

"I am delighted to announce our new leadership team for The Cereghino Group (TCG)," said Cereghino. "Both Becky and Diane have been instrumental in the success of our firm and continue to bring value to our consulting services both from their expertise and their experience in working with publicly-traded companies. Becky has worked with us for over 20 years, and Diane more than 10 years. Their individual expertise and demonstrated leadership provide best-in-class advisory services to our clients on a broad range of issues important to publicly-owned companies."

Reid will take a more visible role in leading TCG and Fitzgibbons will oversee operating procedures and processes to ensure the overall quality of TCG's services. In addition, Margaret Kuhn, who operates TCG's San Diego office, and Kevin McAuliffe, who operates TCG's Portland office, were named Managing Directors.

Reid holds a MBA from the University of Washington and a BA degree from UCLA. After spending 8 years in the securities industry, including Shearson Lehman and Merrill Lynch, Reid joined TCG in 1994 and was named Vice President of TCG in 1996. She has provided strategic IR counsel to publicly-traded companies throughout the nation for small and mid-cap firms in financial services, technology, medical devices, leasing, manufacturing and service industries. Reid writes and has produced numerous articles for the American Bankers' Association and is a guest speaker on banking panels for a number of national and regional forums.

Fitzgibbons holds a BA in Business Administration from the University of Washington with a concentration in Marketing. Prior to joining TCG, Fitzgibbons was an investment advisor with Morgan Stanley. With a strong background in retail banking at Wells Fargo, and extensive experience with capital markets, Fitzgibbons specializes in managing comprehensive financial communication programs for community banks.

About The Cereghino Group

The Cereghino Group is a national independent investor relations company and a leading consulting firm in financial market communications. It markets its clients' stocks to Wall Street and provides investor relations counsel to companies throughout the United States. We help establish and maintain corporate reputations with the financial community. Our clients build strong relations with shareholders and potential investors, thereby establishing their credibility with Wall Street. Current clients include Banner Corporation, Community West Bancorp, Eagle Bancorp Montana, Foundation Bancorp, Hanmi Financial Corp, Heritage Commerce Corp., HF Financial Corporation, Northrim BanCorp, Riverview Bancorp, Pacific Financial Corporation, Timberland Bancorp, Washington Banking and Willis Lease Finance Corp, to name a few.