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The 10 least stressful jobs for 2014

The 10 least stressful jobs in America

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Let's face it, we are a stressed-out nation. Search for the term "stress" and it generates 152 MILLION results. Add a job in front of that and "job stress" generates 286 million results.

Well, if you have had it UPTOHERE with stress, you may want to take a look at this next list.

Job site CareerCast is out with its annual list of the 10 least stressful jobs for 2014. (See also the 10 most stressful jobs.)

So how does a job qualify as "least stressful?"

"They have more control over their day, they're not being as stressed to perform in the public eye, they don't have a lot of physical demands, and nobody's life is at risk," said Tony Lee, publisher of and

In all, there are 11 criteria, including job outlook, based on data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

While you might think it's an honor to be on the "least stressful" list, every year, without fail, there is backlash from people in these jobs saying, "How dare you! We have stress, too."

True, hairdressers and librarians of the world do have stress, too, but the key here is comparison. Compared to high-stress jobs, such as police officer and firefighter, these jobs rank as less stressful.

"How much time did you spend under deadline or with your life at risk?" Lee said. "It's data driven—not subjective."

To be clear, this is not to say that least stressful jobs don't work hard. That's a common misconception.

"It's not about not working—it's about working under conditions that make a job stressful"—or less stressful, Lee said. "There's no such thing as NO stress."

Without further adieu, here are the 10 least stressful jobs for 2014.

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