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ATLANTA and HIGHLAND PARK, N.J., Jan. 9, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Icon One, Inc. has retained Adapt IP Ventures, LLC to market its eCommerce patent portfolio. The patent portfolio covers Wish List and reverse auction systems. Adapt IP Ventures will be contacting numerous potential buyers with the opportunity to acquire this patent portfolio.

Key Characteristics of the Patent Portfolio

Icon One's patent portfolio includes two issued U.S. patents and one pending patent application, summarized below.

  • US 8,630,930 – Sell-side icon
  • US 7,624,051 – Method and system for forming a list-based value discovery network
  • US 14/139,080 – Sell-side icon

Per the '930 patent, a user browsing across the web's universe of product sites can click on a "sell-side icon," such as a browser button, that adds whatever item is appearing on the currently active web page to a central Wish List. Conveniently, then, the consumer—or anyone else given access to the Wish List, like a family member wanting to buy a gift for the consumer—can later access the central Wish List and order items previously added thereto.

Per the '051 patent, a consumer submits a shopping of list of items to a reverse auction "bid engine" referred to as the "value discovery network." Multiple bids on the overall list are thereupon presented to the consumer on behalf of one or more vendors. The differing bids allow the consumer to purchase based on his or her definition of value. For example, one bid may be based strictly on the list as submitted while another offers generic brand substitutions at a lower price.

"The Icon One patent portfolio is not only a valuable property today," noted Grant Moss, Founder and President of Adapt IP Ventures, "but promises to be even more so in the future as online purchasing for all kinds of goods continues to grow."

Companies interested in obtaining more information about the Icon One patent portfolio should contact Grant Moss of Adapt IP Ventures by email at grant@adaptipventures.com.

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