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Take a tour of a Colorado marijuana 'grow house'

Colorado's new pot tourism

Colorado is running short on pot and, therefore, prices are skyrocketing. It's the unexpected byproduct of surprisingly strong demand for recreational marijuana in the first state to legalize it.

At the 3D Cannibis Center, most of the customers appear to be tourists. Under the new law, tourists can buy up to a quarter-ounce at a time and possess up to one ounce.

CNBC's Jane Wells followed Colorado Green Tours, run by Peter Johnson, as it took a couple of Texas college students who were in Colorado snowboarding on a tour of local grow houses.

One of the tourists was Phillip Fruge, a finance major looking to get in on the ground floor of the legal pot business after he graduates.

Johnson said that most tourists are not college students, though.

"Rich people like to smoke pot, too."