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6 must-see moments from 'Fast Money' this week

From a "Fast Money" milestone to celebrity greetings, here are six things you need to know from this week's shows.

1. A slow start to 2014

Stocks kicked off the first full trading week of 2014 in the red, with the S&P 500 lower in the first three trading days of the year for the first time since 2005.

A Yellen-led Fed and the markets

On Monday's show, Josh Brown of Ritholtz Wealth Management said he's not worried yet about the slow start.

"I don't think that we should make too much of it, it's very early. I don't think we should be extrapolating outward just yet," he said.

TradeMonster's Guy Adami said that with the Fed finally beginning its tapering process, the upcoming earnings season will have added importance in determining the direction of the market. "I think this is the most important earnings period we've had in a few years now," he said.

Monday also saw the Senate confirmation of Janet Yellen as the first chairwoman of the Federal Reserve. Yellen will take over the reins following the conclusion of Ben Bernanke's tenure at the end of January.

Apple blacklisted for morality?

2. Downgrading Apple for 'moral reasons'

It's not often that an analyst downgrades a stock for moral reasons, but that's exactly what Ronnie Moas of Standpoint Research did when he slashed Apple's rating to "sell" from "hold."

On Monday's episode of "Fast Money," Moas explained his reasoning behind the downgrade. "I'm disgusted that we have a company sitting on $150 billion, and they're treating their employees in Asia like animals."

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Moas continued, saying, "They're sitting on $150 billion in cash, the activists are pressuring them to pay a dividend to their shareholders, and I want to know when someone is going to pressure them to pay a dividend to their employees in Asia who are working for $2 an hour."

When questioned about whether his unorthodox rating method could cost him business, Moas said, "I'm willing to drive my business into the ground, as long as I see some minds changed, and people's thinking changed."

Josh Brown of Ritholtz Wealth Management pointed out that the company is "trying to change some of these things as best they can."

Moral arguments aside, Tim Seymour of Triogem Asset Management broke down the trade on Apple, saying, "$525 is where you stop yourself on this stock. Meantime, risk reward, you can buy it here."

3. Google hits all-time highs

While some momentum names sat out Tuesday's bump in stocks, shares of Google hit another all-time high, extending strong 2013 gains into the new year.

TradeMonster's Guy Adami said that Google is a good bet as a long-term investment.

"Revenue growth at 22 percent, it's hard to knock against it," he said. "They dominate seemingly in every space that they're involved in."

Adami also said that an earnings miss in the next quarter would be the best thing for those interested in getting into Google.

"You've seen them miss before, and I think that is your absolute hope going into this quarter because you'll get a chance to buy it at a significant discount to where it is now," he said.

When asked about other momentum plays for 2014, Karen Finerman of Metropolitan Capital said she's sticking with the shippers.

"I like the shipping space, but very particularly oil shipping," she said. "I think the space is really set to move."

3D industrial market bigger than consumer: Pro

4. 3-D printing shines at CES

Another winner on Tuesday was the 3-D printing space.

Names like Stratasys and 3D Systems got a boost after each company unveiled products and partnerships at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

New offerings from 3D Systems include the ChefJet, a kitchen-ready appliance which can print edible designs, and the CeraJet, capable of printing ceramics.

3D Systems also announced a new partnership with Intel to make 3-D technology more accessible to a wider base.

Stratasys-owned MakerBot unveiled a new line of consumer printers as well.

Deutsche Bank Senior Analyst Sherri Scribner has a "buy" rating on both Stratasys and 3D Systems, and weighed in on Tuesday's announcements.

Mark Cuban wishes 'Fast Money' happy anniversary

"The consumer market is actually a pretty small piece of what 3D Systems and Stratasys do. The industrial market is actually a bigger market," she said.

Steve Grasso of Stuart Frankel asked whether upcoming patent expirations could impact 3-D stocks.

Scribner said she didn't think there would be a material impact.

"We had patents expire in the past … and those are older technologies, the industry has moved on over the past 30 years," she said.

5. 'Fast Money' turns 7

On a very special episode Wednesday, "Fast Money" celebrated its seventh anniversary on air.

Guy Adami, one of the original traders on "Fast Money," reflected on the show's intention and the changes in the market over the past seven years.

"What do traders do when the trading day is over? What do they talk about? We tried to level the playing field for folks," he said. "We were the beneficiary of some crazy times."

Dallas Mavericks owner and billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban phoned in to wish the crew a happy anniversary.

"I like watching the show," he said. "I get ideas and sometimes it leads to something else."

Fast Money 7th: Then & now

Regarding the markets, Cuban said he goes "back and forth" on his outlook for 2014.

"You don't have as many companies out there," he said. "There's demand out there, there's fewer stocks… on one hand, I keep on thinking stocks should continue to go up."

Television legend Regis Philbin also sent in an anniversary message to the "Fast Money" team.

(Watch video: 'Fast Money' seventh anniversary: Then and now)

"Congratulations on your seventh anniversary," he said. "I've been watching it from the day it started."

Regis, who accurately predicted the rise in Micron in 2013, said that Yahoo is his favorite pick for 2014.

"Keep your eye on Yahoo for Regis," he said.

Yahoo traded near eight-year highs in Wednesday's session.

Would fade Abercrombie if own: Trader

6. A tale of two retailers

It was a tale of two retailers in Thursday's after-hours session.

Shares of Sears dropped more than 13 percent after the company reported a decline in comps for both the third quarter and the holiday season.

Meanwhile, teen retailer Abercrombie & Fitch rose more than 16 percent after raising its full-year forecast.

Regarding Sears, Josh Brown of Ritholtz Wealth Management said that the company hasn't "done anything right for years and years."

"People are really giving up and walking away from this stock," he said.

Risks to shorting Sears?

TradeMonster's Guy Adami said he wouldn't play the stock on the short side, but he does expect a "slow drip lower."

Brian Kelly agreed, calling Sears "an irrelevant stock."

Discount retailers were also in focus Thursday.

Five Below fell more than $5 below its closing price in after-hours trading.

The drop came after the company cut its current quarter guidance, blaming the shortfall on a shorter holiday season and bad weather.

Brian Kelly pointed out the price action in Family Dollar.

"What a reversal today," he said. "That is something that I would buy for a trade and a trade only. I think it's bottomed for the very short term."

Dana Telsey of Telsey Advisory Group weighed in on Thursday's big retail moves.

"Overall, it was a really disappointing holiday season. You had traffic essentially that was weak. You had weather that impacted a lot of the retailers," she said.

By CNBC's Michael Newberg. Follow him on Twitter: @MikeNewberg.