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PASADENA, Calif., Jan. 13, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Thousand Pounds Action Company and their new production unit Epic Rival, together with the support of Ayzenberg Group's Original Content and [ion] (Influencer Outreach Network) divisions, have just released the trailer for the first two episodes of the highly-anticipated Clandestine series.

View Clandestine: First Two Episodes Trailer here.

"We are very excited to release the first Clandestine trailer and show our fans that we've been hard at work bringing our vision to life," said Chris Cowan, Director, Thousand Pounds Action Company. "We're currently in talks with several studios about the series and we're hoping to finally close on a distribution deal sometime in 2014."

Having come to notoriety via the popular Real Life Ultra Combos, Naruto Shippuden: Dreamers Fight and STREET FIGHTER X TEKKEN: The Devil Within videos, Thousand Pounds Action Company and Epic Rival have completed the first two episodes of their full-length action series, Clandestine. In the modern martial arts epic, the classic tension of star-crossed lovers is amplified by the presence of four reigning powers – clans with an ancient rivalry as old as civilization itself – and beliefs rooted in a tradition of warfare.

The concept for the series was announced in 2012 with a Kickstarter campaign which ignited the martial arts community to raise more than $95,000 to see the series developed. Additional production budget came from Ayzenberg Group's Original Content and ION (Influencer Outreach Network) divisions, which Cowan is a member of. This team works with YouTubers to partner them with brands to create unique, original content that launches with a built-in fan base.

"Clandestine was an early test of Ayzenberg's Original Content and ION divisions that are focused on supporting YouTube talent bringing unique content to life that fans want to see," said Eric Ayzenberg, Owner and Chief Creative Officer of Ayzenberg Group. "As an ad agency we're doing increasing amounts of this work and helping brands partner up with these talented content creators in authentic and engaging ways. We're excited to see Clandestine come to life this year."

Just below the façade of modern America, a feudal war as old as civilization is reignited in the wake of a mysterious mass murder. After years of peace, these clans must ready their supernatural gifts for war, and a young woman from the surface world struggles to learn the truth of herself, her family, and her legacy as the matriarch of a clandestine kingdom.

While fans will still have to wait for final series distribution details to be revealed, they can rest assured that Clandestine will not only bring Martial Arts into a respected storytelling platform but it will debut as a genre and style that is unlike anything that has been seen on television and/or web today.

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About Clandestine

Clandestine is an original martial arts action & drama series created by Epic Rival (The writers & directors of Thousand Pounds Action Co.) that defines a new style for the action medium. Funded by martial arts fans who donated more than $95,000 through Kickstarter, Clandestine will not only bring Martial Arts into a respected storytelling platform but overall it will debut as a genre and style that is unlike anything that has been seen on television and/or web today.

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