Opt-in SMART enters into a Strategic Partnership with Five Star Ad Group

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Tampa, FL, Jan. 13, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Innovative Software Technologies, Inc. (OTC:INIV.PK) announces that Five Star Ad Group LLC has entered into a strategic partnership with Opt-in SMART, Innovative's premier business platform.

Lead by founder Dave Miller, Five Star Ad Group will offer the 5 Star Social, Local, Mobile (Solomo) platform to a network of more than 140,000 marketing and advertising agencies nationwide to sell Opt-in SMART's proprietary marketing technology. Agencies have hundreds of small to medium-sized business clients looking to grow with local marketing programs that Opt-in SMART offers.

Opt-in SMART provides business owners products and services to enhance their online presence, manage social media initiatives, plus foster and grow community awareness via the internet. Five Star will market and sell Opt-in SMART's technology, giving businesses an all-in-one, Done 4U, social, local and mobile marketing platform. Five Star Ad Group has begun building agency relationships and will sell the 5 Star Solomo to more than a thousand businesses in early 2014.

"We joined forces with Five Star and Opt-in SMART the minute we heard what the platform could deliver. Our job is to help clients navigate today's ever-changing advertising climate," said David Berry, owner of Impact Marketing. "The pairing is a perfect fit; not only is it an easy sell for the agency to their client, but provides a revenue stream that continues as long as their clients remain in the program. It's a win-win proposition for everyone."

"This partnership is a great milestone in regards to business development," said Jake Wand, Executive Vice President of Innovative Software Technologies. "We will be able to leverage the strong business relationships that Five Star Ad Group has nurtured and provide a quality product to thousands of businesses across the country."

About Five Star Ad Group

Founded in Scottsdale, Ariz., Five Start Ad Group (www.5staradgroup.com) provides small-to-medium-sized brick and mortar businesses increased ROI with marketing and advertising efforts by targeting local markets. It can increase businesses' visibility and digital footprint with an affordable, cost effective, local search marketing and advertising solutions through its 5 Star Solomo.

About Impact Marketing

Impact Marketing Group (www.impactmarketingco.com) is a team of innovative professionals offering a unique blend of solutions designed to make businesses succeed. Founded in 2003 by David Berry, IMC Group, LLC dba Impact Marketing has been helping clients nationwide with their marketing and business strategies. Impact Marketing specializes in Direct Marketing Made Easy™, which provides the right combination of resources and expertise to create, design and implement a cost effective marketing campaign. It is headquartered in Scottsdale, Ariz.

About Opt-in SMART

Opt-in SMART (www.optinsmart.com), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Innovative Software Technologies, Inc., provides a proprietary software technology for businesses to manage and execute all social media, sales and marketing, and e-marketing. Its fully-integrated Social Marketing And Retention Technology (SMART) platform provides businesses an easy to use, affordable and centralized "Done 4U" marketing solution, helping small to medium-sized businesses to acquire, retain and maintain customer relationships via the internet. The Opt-in SMART platform includes local listings; citation management; emails; text messaging; video marketing; reputation management; social media tools; and review and posting management.

About Innovative Software Technologies

Innovative Software Technologies, Inc. (www.inivcompanies.com) is a holding company that operates and manages innovative energy and technology companies. Innovative focuses on large, under-penetrated market opportunities to acquire and/or partner with companies that deliver growing and predictable recurring revenues and earnings. In addition, the company seeks acquisitions and/or joint ventures with strong recurring growth/accelerating earnings models. Innovative adds and leverages highly motivated, entrepreneurial management teams to execute the corporate vision. Innovative Software Technologies, Inc. is headquartered in Tampa, Florida and trades on the pink sheets under the symbol INIV.

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Source:Innovative Software Technologies, Inc.