VoicePort, LLC announces the launch of their Prescription Adherence Services for outbound patient notifications with Klingensmith's Drug Stores

ROCHESTER, N.Y., Jan. 13, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- VoicePort, LLC announced today that they have launched their Prescription Adherence Solution at Klingensmith's Drug Stores, an eight door independent drug store chain headquartered in Ford City, PA. Alphonse J. Sasso, Vice President of Business Development at VoicePort commented, "We are very excited to have the chance to work with Klingensmith's Drug Stores in their pursuit of patient care. We know that this organization is a trusted provider in the communities they serve and we are honored to call them a partner". Sasso further commented, "Our integration to their pharmacy system allows for intelligent and timely patient communications via voice, text or e-mail to keep them current to their prescriptions". David Cippel, President and CEO of Klingensmith's commented, " All the research in the industry indicates that patients who maintain a compliant approach to take their meds in a timely fashion as prescribed by their health care professionals, are healthier and less likely to strain the already overburdened U.S. health care system. Our investment in automation to remind patients that they have prescription that should be refilled or picked-up helps to keep them on track to stay healthy and enjoy more productive life".

VoicePort's PharmaPhonetics® Patient solutions delivers cost-effective, automated, personalized, intelligent, and interactive unified communications that connects directly to the patients on behalf of the pharmacy. Their services include mediation synchronization solutions, prescription pick-up and refill reminder notifications, health awareness/medical therapy review messaging, patient counseling, written translation, education, and instruction services, mobile applications focused for pharmacy or front end, automated web based appointment scheduling services and patient co-payment assistance programs. The Unified Patient Communication platform enables permission based phone, text, e-mail, web and mobile notifications that are dynamically personalized to individual patients and their specific needs.

About VoicePort

Founded in 2002, VoicePort has deployed applications at more than 700 customer sites in North America. Nuance, Genesys, voiceTech, Unwired-Nation, PQS-EQUiPP and Polyglot are our partners and top technology providers. To find out more about our products and services, please visit www.voiceport.net.

VoicePort helps clients control cost and effectively communicate with customers and patients by using advanced speech recognition self-service technology to automate interactions. VoicePort develops configurable solutions for niche markets such as the media and pharmaceutical verticals PharmaPhonetics Patient Adherence, a patient medication compliance solution, and PharmaPhonetics® Speech Enabled Market Research (SEMR), which enables pharmaceuticals manufacturers to gain deep insights from hundreds of physicians.

About Klingensmith's Drug Stores

Founded in 1940, Klingensmith's operates eight drug stores in the outskirts of Pittsburgh, PA. They are a full service independent drug chain with a credo to offer individual and customized patient care with a neighborly touch always serving the community with honesty and integrity.

CONTACT: Alphonse J. Sasso Vice President, Business Development asasso@voiceport.net 500 Lee Road Rochester, NY 14606 585-248-9289

Source: VoicePort