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Cramer: This company getting its groove back

Walgreens CEO: Want to bring affordable health care to public

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"This is a company relentlessly focused on creating value," Cramer said. Is it on your radar?

Cramer thinks it should be.

The stock is Walgreen.

"WAG is a stock I like very much—it rallied some 58% last year, but I think it could have more room to run," Cramer said.

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In part, that's because Cramer thinks the company is transforming itself from a national chain to a global pharmacy retailing and supply chain business.

"That's what the big merger was about eighteen months ago," Cramer explained.

"Our pharmaceutical supply chain is now unmatched anywhere in the world," added CEO Greg Wasson during an interview on Mad Money.

"I was skeptical," Cramer admitted "I didn't realize Walgreen was trying to become more than a drug store. But because of the changes it has made, Walgreen has moved from the $300 billion drug store market they're currently in, to the multi-trillion dollar health care market." That's big opportunity.

And that's not the only catalyst. Cramer sees other tailwinds for the stock, too.

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"Walgreen is revamping its domestic stores," he said, and in the case of many companies, a redesign has goosed sales.

And an increase would come on top of already strong results. "December same store sales numbers were downright terrific," noted the "Mad Money" host.

All told Cramer is a buyer. "This stock is doing better than the S&P," Cramer said. "There are companies out there that amaze me. Walgreen is one of them."

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