Coming soon to a theater near you: Hedge funds—the movie

Video a new tool for hedge fund marketing

Blinking stock and commodity charts on glowing Bloomberg terminals. Traders talking about "alpha" wearing quarter-zip cashmere sweaters. Rows of sleek desks in midtown Manhattan offices. Welcome to hedge fund movie-making.

That video scene may not be as racy as Hollywood blockbuster "The Wolf of Wall Street," but it may very well be the future of hedge fund marketing. A small but growing group of alternative investment funds are now using video to sell themselves, a far cry from the stale and secretive PDF documents that have long dominated the fundraising process.

Some are emboldened by new JOBS Act rules that permit the marketing of private funds. Others are simply trying to harness the growing power of online video. While still a tiny minority of firms, a growing number of hedge fund managers are telling their story on film.

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The first mover appears to have been Topturn Capital, a small Monterey, Calif.-based hedge fund shop. The firm posted a surfing-themed trailer online in late 2013, essentially a movie-like trailer for Topturn and its investing approach.