TotipotentRX Corporation and ThermoGenesis Corp. Report Statistically Significant Phase Ib Clinical Trial Results in Critical Limb Ischemia

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RANCHO CORDOVA, Calif. and LOS ANGELES, Jan. 21, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ThermoGenesis Corp. (Nasdaq:KOOL) a cellular therapy medical device company and TotipotentRX Corporation, a clinical-stage regenerative medicine company developing novel therapies for cardiovascular and orthopedic disease announce their co-sponsored Phase Ib clinical trial safety and efficacy results treating no-option patients suffering from critical limb ischemia with Totipotent's CLIRST (Critical Limb Ischemia Rapid Stem cell Therapy) treatment. The companies will host a joint conference call to review the study results in detail on Monday, January 27, 2014 at 2:00pm Pacific (5:00pm Eastern).

The trial achieved both its primary safety and secondary efficacy endpoints at 12 months, achieving statistical significance in five key areas including, major amputation free survival rates (82.4%), both resting and walking pain reduction, improved walking distance, open wound healing and vasculogenesis (generation of new blood vessels) in the treated leg. Furthermore, there were no serious adverse events determined to be related to the therapy. The open label single center study enrolled 17 patients and was completed at Fortis Escorts Heart Institute in New Delhi with Dr. Suhail Bukari, Senior Consultant and Vascular Surgeon serving as the primary investigator. Fortis Escorts Heart Institute and Dr. Bukari previously served as clinical investigator for the Juventas Therapeutics critical limb ischemia trial.

Dr. Bukari noted, "This is a significant breakthrough for medicine as all the patients enrolled were scheduled for amputation of their afflicted limb prior to consenting to the stem cell intervention." He further noted, "The simple kit process will enable any surgeon treating peripheral vascular disease to have a readily available safe and autologous therapeutic to reverse this debilitating disease."

CLIRST is a proprietary bedside technology platform and method which uses the patients own bone marrow stem cells to promote tissue repair through activation of natural stem-cell repair pathways, promotion of new blood vessel formation and prevention of on-going cell death. The integrated combination device-biological product called SURGWERKS™ - CLI, contains optimized stem cell harvesting, selection, and delivery disposables in a single kit, and the procedure can be completed on a patient in less than 60 minutes in the operating room with mild sedation as an alternative to major limb amputation. The SURGWERKS-CLI product delivered a mean cell dose of BMCePC (bone marrow concentrate enriched progenitor cells) of 8.04 x 108 ± 3.65 cells in a 20ml final product which was injected intramuscularly in the lower afflicted leg.

"We are extremely excited to demonstrate that our integrated cell therapy SURGWERKS kit has removed the variability that has plagued most stem cell treatments developed to date, especially in treating CLI. This study demonstrated that our SURGWERKS' amputation free survival rate of 82% is almost 25% higher than alternative therapeutic approaches to date, which we believe is a testament to the quality of our autologous cell formulation and the repeatability of our proprietary process," said Ken Harris, Chief Executive Officer of TotipotentRX. "The goal of the stem cell therapy is to prevent major limb amputation, and improve quality of life, decrease morbidity and mortality rates, and ultimately reduce total healthcare spend on these patients. We anticipate offering this treatment at a significantly lower cost than non-bedside treatments, and will stay focused on the large U.S., European and Indian markets," he continued.

"One of the benefits of our long-standing partnership with TotipotentRX, is the successful integration of our cell processing systems into the SURGWERKS-CLI therapy kit," said Matthew Plavan, Chief Executive Officer of ThermoGenesis, Corp. "Based upon the statistical significance of these Phase Ib trial results, we are highly encouraged with the potential for this therapy to perform well in the next phase of the clinical trial process and to ultimately lead to a curative treatment for CLI and a very large market opportunity for our two companies," he continued.

Dr. Venkatesh Ponemone, PhD, Executive Director of Clinical Affairs for TotipotentRX and scientific investigator for the study commented that this is the first known study to provide statistically significant angiographic quantitative and qualitative evidence of limb revascularization as independently verified by a core radiology lab.

The statistical significance reached in the phase Ib trial includes:

  • Major limb Amputation free survival rates - 82.4%
  • Pain reduction - mean VAS score pre-therapy 7.8 ± 0.97 and 12 month follow-up 0.2 ± 0.58 on a scale of 0-10, p=0.0005
  • 6-minute walking distance - mean distance pre-therapy of 14.5 meters ± 37.57 and 12 month follow-up of 157 meters ± 100.92, p=0.0039
  • Open wound healing - 11 patients had gangrene with or without ulceration pre-treatment and all patients had neither gangrene nor ulceration at 12 month follow-up
  • Vasculogenesis in the treated leg - both collateral vessel numbers improved, p=0.0156 in distal thigh, p=0.0313 in proximal leg, and vessel size improvements in the distal thigh, p=0.0156 and proximal leg, p=0.0625, and TcPO2 levels (mean pre-therapy of 14.66 ± 6.93 improved to 35.75 ± 17.04, p=0.0032)

Critical limb ischemia afflicts an estimated 2 million people combined in the United States, European Union and Indian sub-continent, and results in approximately 500,000 amputations each year. The overall prevalence (0.23%) and incidence (0.20%) in the United States increases with age and diabetes status, and 5 year mortality rate post limb amputation reaches nearly 50%.

The companies will host a joint conference call to review the study results in detail on Monday, January 27, 2014 at 2:00pm Pacific (5:00pm Eastern).

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TotipotentRX Corporation, a U.S. private based cellular therapy research and therapeutics organization ( develops rapid bedside autologous cellular therapies for cardiovascular and orthopedic indications. They operate world-class clinical research and cellular therapy GMP infrastructure with their clinical partner Fortis Healthcare.

ThermoGenesis Corp., (Nasdaq:KOOL) ( is a U.S. based leader in developing and manufacturing automated blood processing systems and disposable products that enable the separation, preservation and delivery of cell and tissue therapy products.

In July 2013, TotipotentRX and ThermoGenesis Corp. announced their entry into a merger agreement which will operate under the name Cesca Therapeutics. The merger is subject to TotipotentRX and ThermoGenesis stockholder approval, among other conditions.

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