Context Matters Launches the New Version of Its Reimbursement Risk Tracker Application, Featuring "Snapshots," a Dynamic, Never-Before-Seen View of the Reimbursement and Drug Development Landscape

NEW YORK, Jan. 22, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Context Matters announces the release of the new version of its flagship application, the Reimbursement Risk Tracker™ (RRT), featuring Snapshots. The new RRT is a major upgrade in terms of data, functionality, and user experience, and now features Snapshots, a dynamic analytical view that provides a wealth of data and insights on a single screen. Users can now graphically represent aggregated reimbursement event data across time, disease, companies, and agencies and even allows users to filter the data, pinpointing exactly those reviews they want to compare. The promotion of Travis Donia, the company's former director of technology, to chief technology officer illustrates the commitment to maintaining its leadership position in the industry and dedication to aggressive development of its next-generation platform.

"Snapshots begins an important chapter for RRT in 2014. Our team has always enjoyed working with our customers to develop better ways to think about drug development by providing a clear picture of the reimbursement landscape. With this release, we have a solid foundation for the future of Market Access. We're looking forward to supporting our increasingly sophisticated clients by integrating new sources of information, providing easy-to-use tools for analysis, and sharing their insights more broadly to key decision-makers throughout their organizations," said Mr. Donia.

Snapshots provides access to a drug-development perspective that has never existed before. Users have access to data ranging from regulatory cycle times to strategic Health Economics and Outcomes Research (HEOR) data, along with granular Health Technology Assessment (HTA) data providing a perspective from agencies over five continents. Snapshots allows users to visualize this data, giving them faster answers to complex questions. All of the information can be charted, viewed in a table, and exported to Excel and PowerPoint and shared with team members for a more collaborated and cross-functional experience.

"Traditionally, the industry has been a bit limited in its approach to technology, relying on consultants or inferior sources to track innovation. Context Matters has taken the lead in the industry by providing our customers with a new way of looking at data. With Travis's keen understanding of both technology and the pharmaceutical marketplace, we have built a revolutionary platform that, unlike consultants or current data resources, provides a clear, comprehensive understanding of the development environment and allows for rapid insights that drive business strategy," said Yin Ho, MD, MBA, founder and CEO of Context Matters.

Prior to joining Context Matters, Mr. Donia built the technology and design team at The Daily Voice, an online news network, and created the information architecture & user experience practice at iNDELIBLE Media, serving clients including Allergen and Pfizer.

Context Matters is a leader in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry, offering a unique and innovative data-driven software platform that allows customers and users to understand the risk and value of their products by accessing complex data that has never before been quantified or aggregated in a user-friendly, easily navigated manner designed to answer the most pertinent questions facing the pharma/biotech industry today. The RRT has been redefining the way companies approach the drug-development process, by providing a reimbursement perspective to both market access and R&D through an easy-to-use and powerful web-based interface.

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