Anaren and Emmoco Launch Jointly Developed AIR Module and Software Solution for Bluetooth(R) Smart Applications

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SYRACUSE, N.Y., Jan. 23, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Anaren, Inc. (Nasdaq:ANEN) has announced that its Anaren Integrated Radio (AIR) module team – in partnership with Austin, Texas-based software developer Emmoco – has introduced an AIR module solution for fast-emerging Bluetooth® Smart applications. Comprised of Anaren's tiny, globally-certified AIR module (part no A2541R24x), an Emmoco app-development web portal (called the Em-hub), and an Anaren-developed B-Smart BoosterPack kit (compatible with the latest low-cost Texas Instruments (TI) LaunchPad Evaluation kits and other popular microcontroller (MCU) platforms) – this new jointly developed toolset enables any OEM with an embedded application to potentially control or communicate with the billions of Bluetooth Smart Ready phones and tablets already in the marketplace today. Other advantages of communicating via Bluetooth Smart include: low-power consumption, which makes the protocol ideal for largely inactive or 'sleeping' controls or even remote sensors powered by a coin cell battery; local communication, without a connection to a network router or cellular tower; and the confidence that stems from adopting a proven and universally accepted communications standard.

"Using our new AIR module with Bluetooth Smart technology, manufacturers of appliances, equipment, or electronic devices now have an easy path to connect with and control their products using the countless Bluetooth Smart enabled phones and tablets in the marketplace," said Mark Bowyer, corporate business development manager for Anaren. "Even better, on the RF side, our AIR module eliminates the need for deep RF expertise – while, on the software side, Emmoco's user-friendly Em-hub portal and excellent software tools eliminate the need to be a Bluetooth guru. Anyone who can use a UART can use this approach to connect their device to a smart phone." Combined, Bowyer adds, the two companies can help an OEM move from "wired to wireless with Bluetooth Smart in as little as 90 days."

The OEM's entry into wireless using Bluetooth Smart is made less daunting thanks to three distinct but interconnected parts of the Anaren/Emmoco solution:

  • The new AIR module with Bluetooth Smart -- The A2541R24x is a surface-mount radio module featuring Bluetooth SMART technology that incorporates TI's ultra-low-power SimpleLink™ CC2541 wireless MCU for Bluetooth low energy. It is available with either an on-board PCB antenna, or a U.FL connector for an external whip antenna -- all in a very small package: 11x19x2.5mm. The module is pre-loaded with either TI's BLE-Stack or Em-Ware software from Emmoco, and it is certified with the Bluetooth SIG (QDID# B021836), US (FCC), Canada (IC), and compliant with European (ETSI) and other global standards. As with Anaren's other AIR modules, this new module family is available through authorized AIR distributors (Arrow, Avnet, Digi-Key, Farnell, and Mouser), and offers a suggested retail price of $12.20 per unit.
  • The Em-hub web portal for Bluetooth Smart software app development -- Developed by Austin, TX-based Emmoco, the Em-hub is a secure web portal where users of the new AIR with Bluetooth Smart technology can develop the communications functionality between their embedded solution and a Bluetooth Smart Ready phone or tablet. Emmoco's Em-Builder tools, schema concept, and wiki – each of which is accessed through the Em-Hub and designed to work with Anaren's B-Smart BoosterPack Kit – work in concert to make it easy to share data between embedded applications and applicable mobile devices.
  • B-Smart BoosterPack for Bluetooth Smart hardware app development -- The A2541R24A-ADB1 B-Smart BoosterPack kit is a development tool designed for use with TI's MSP430™ Value Line, Tiva™ C series, C2000™ and other TI LaunchPad development kits; the BoosterPack can also work with other prominent MCUs and development boards (such as Raspberry Pi). The kit eases development of products that wirelessly communicate with devices incorporating Bluetooth Smart technology per the Bluetooth 4.0 core specification. The BoosterPack features an A2541R24A20 AIR module (based on TI's CC2541 low-power wireless MCU) and is pre-loaded with Em-Ware firmware from Emmoco (based on TI's BLE-Stack™). The kit's suggested retail price is $49 each.

"The approach we've taken with Anaren gives manufacturers a super-fast way to introduce Bluetooth Smart functionality to their existing embedded application," says Emmoco's CTO and founder, Bob Frankel. "In turn, their end-use customers or field technicians will be able to walk up to the newly Bluetooth Smart-enabled machine or sensor and – without even making physical contact – they'll be able to use an app to achieve short-range wireless control, monitoring, troubleshooting, software upgrades, and other functions right on the phone. Think of it as a way to transform an ordinary smart phone into a 'mobile control panel' for all kinds of equipment in the home, office, or factory."

Parties interested in seeing a live demo of the AIR with Bluetooth Smart technology can do so at two upcoming tradeshows:

- the 2014 Embedded World Exhibition & Conference (Nuremberg, Germany – February 25-27 in the TI section of the Farnell Electronics booth);

- and at Anaren's booth at the Sensors Expo & Conference (Rosemont, IL – June 24-26)

More information can also be obtained by writing to, visiting the AIR with Bluetooth Smart homepage, or calling 800-411-6596.


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