Secret Lives of the Super Rich


Secret Lives of the Super Rich

10 insane ways to pimp your mega mansion

By Ray Parisi and Joanna Weinstein
Image Source: Evan Joseph Images

While shooting the show "Secret Lives of the Super Rich," we get into some pimped-out mansions and what we see sometimes blows us away.

Take a look at a few of the surprising ways the super-rich turn their mansions into home sweet megahome.

—By Ray Parisi and Joanna Weinstein
Posted 24 Jan. 2014

A rushing waterfall

Cathy Tiffany in her loft at Salon Lofts.
Image source: Joel Goodrich Luxury Real Estate

The centerpiece of this Tiburon, Calif., mansion is a stone staircase with a dramatically lit 10-foot waterfall. Depending on her mood, the owner can take it from a peaceful trickle to roaring rapids.

The home, which looks and feels a lot like a temple, is called "The Nirvana House." It's listed with San Francisco luxury brokers Joel Goodrich and Barbara Klein for $11.89 million.

Porsche turntable

Image Source: Secret Lives of the Super Rich

This turntable doesn't spin vinyl. It spins shiny metal supercars. The jumbo Lazy Susan makes parking the Porsche a breeze. It rotates a vehicle into position so the driver doesn't have to touch the steering wheel.

This garage accessory is in one of the largest houses in Aspen, Colo., "The Ski Home." The list price of $45 million also scores you a bowling alley.

Bulletproof windows

Image Source: Evan Joseph Images

Bright lights and honking horns can make getting a good night's sleep in the Big Apple a big challenge, unless of course you have these windows.

These heavy-duty glass panes filter ultraviolet rays (expensive art work doesn't need a suntan), and according to the owner, socialite Sale Johnson, they're bulletproof as well as soundproof.

The superwindows come with remote-control shades and great views of Central Park. Johnson's five-bedroom triplex on Fifth Avenue is listed for $25 million with superbroker Dolly Lenz.

Indoor-outdoor pool

Image Source: Joshua & Company

Every megahome needs a fabulous pool, but should it be indoor or outdoor? Owners of this mansion in Snowmass, Colo., have the solution: Half of the pool is inside the house and the other half is outside.

If the clouds roll in, at the press of a button, a glass wall descends and divides the pool.

Prefer some sand beneath your toes instead? Not a problem, this trophy ranch also has its own private beach. (Sorry, it's outdoor only.)

A life-size giraffe in a spiral staircase

Image Source: Secret Lives of the Super Rich

Ever dream of going on an exotic safari? The owners of this Muttontown, N.Y., mansion don't have to leave their ZIP code on Long Island's Gold Coast to view African wildlife. That's because standing at the center of this three-story spiral staircase is a full-size stuffed giraffe.

With the giraffe's feet firmly planted in the home's basement, its neck extends up past the second floor making it visible from every floor in the house. The 14,000-square-foot house also includes a fitness center, dance studio, movie theater, and giant closet—all for the list price of $15 million.

Solid silver hardware

Image Source: Secret Lives of the Super Rich

The super-rich love to bedazzle with precious metal, and that's exactly what the owners of the Gatsby-era mansion in Muttontown, N.Y., did to their doors.

The heavy-duty hardware and hinges are made of solid silver. Making door handles out of shiny jewelry will run you way over $20 an ounce. One of the dazzling doorways of this classic mansion leads to a 1,000-square-foot library. That room alone is insured for $2.5 million!

A megakitchen designed by a man who knows what money smells like

Image Source: Jump Visual Photography

The extreme wealthy prefer to outfit their mansions with kitchens fit for a king—or at least his caterers. This six-figure kitchen was developed by Clive Christian, famous for creating "The Most Expensive Perfume in the World," which sold for more than $1,000 an ounce.

International broker Maria Babaev said the owners of this Gold Coast mansion on Long Island spent $275,000 for him to cook up this kitchen, which features two chandeliers and a refrigerator you could park a car in.

This megakitchen and all 15,000 square feet are listed for $15 million.

An oven that cost as much as a Ferrari

Image Source: Purcell Murray Images

People who live large park some fancy—meaning superexpensive—appliances in their kitchens. La Cornue is the Ferrari of ovens and just as pricey. We're talking $45,000 to $1 million.

If you have money to burn, the French maker will customize its size and color (even purple—we checked). We spotted La Cornue ovens in two of the richest towns in America, a mansion outside Aspen,Colo., and a megahome in Alpine, N.J.

High-security refrigerator

Image Source: Evan Joseph Images

You're looking at an extreme-security refrigerator capable of storing 4,000 bottles of fine wine. It's BYOT, as in Bring Your Own Thumbprint, which is how you access this high-tech wine vault in Alpine, N.J. The climate-controlled room maintains the perfect temperature and humidity to keep the liquid assets safe and sound.

The wine lover's dream room is part of Alpine's Stone Mansion, which is listed at $49 million.

A multimillion home theater

Image Source: Secret Lives of the Super Rich

Finally, no home of the super-rich is complete without a $2.5 million home theater where the owners can watch a $12 DVD.

Named after the famous New York theater, the Ziegfield megahome theater includes a lobby snack-bar and ice cream parlor.

For security and privacy reasons, the owners asked us not to reveal the exact location, so we can only say it's in a basement somewhere in New Jersey.

The theater is dripping with about $35,000 in gold leaf, $70,000 in custom carpets and a $90,000 Lalique chandelier. It was designed by Theo Kalomirakis, whose client database reads like an Oscar party guest list.

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