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Hey, wine lovers, enjoy a glass without popping the cork

Tech Yeah! Wine system eliminates cork issues

A new wine preservation gadget, though more expensive than most such devices, might be worth it for serious oenophiles.

The Coravin, priced at $299, eliminates the part of the oxidation process associated with removing the cork. The device is a bit technical, though, and the elbow grease sometimes required to uncork a bottle will now be expended in operating this system.

First, a thin, hollow needle is passed through the foil and cork to access the liquid. The bottle is then pressurized with argon gas to allow the wine to flow through the needle and into a glass without letting any oxygen in, according to Greg Lambrecht, who created the Coravin.

When you remove the needle, the cork will naturally reseal itself unless it was defective previously, he said, adding that the Coravin can help a bottle last up to 15 years.

Other wine-saving devices include the PlatyPreserve and Houdini, both priced at about $10.

—By CNBC's Erika Santoro

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