Dental Implant Dentist, Dr. Kevin Sands DDS, Compares Dental Implants to Dentures

Dr. Kevin Sands

Los Angeles, CA, Jan. 24, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Los Angeles dental implant expert, Dr. Kevin Sands DDS, is recommending dental implants as alternatives to dentures for many patients. Although dentures remain a popular solution to missing teeth, patients who receive dentures often report discomfort and slippage and have a higher risk of oral health problems. Inconvenience associated with maintaining dentures also contributes to dissatisfaction among patients using dentures. Dental implants offer permanent replacement of missing teeth when used with either dental crowns or partial dentures, and they avoid many of the problems posed by dentures.

Dentures let patients chew and speak more easily than they would with missing teeth, but they can also cause problems for wearers. Patients often have trouble speaking and chewing with dentures due to slippage, causing many patients to withdraw from social interaction and forcing them to avoid certain foods. Because dentures may move, they are prone to breakage that can be costly to repair. Dentures also require daily maintenance, including time-intensive soaking and scrubbing, and can complicate at-home dental hygiene. These problems cause many patients to avoid dentures or seek an alternative after beginning to wear them. Visit for more information.

Dental implants sidestep several issues associated with dentures. Because dental implants are anchored in the jaw bone, they prevent slippage whether patients choose to fit them with permanent crowns or dentures. Dental hygiene is easy because no mounting hardware is present to harbor food particles and bacteria. Dental implants look and function like natural teeth, letting patients eat and speak normally. Patients can opt for multiple teeth dental implants or full mouth dental implants, making dental implants a viable alternative to partial or full dentures.

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