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Pullback generates rare opportunity, says Cramer

Himax a speculative momentum stock: Cramer

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Sure the sell-off is concerning. But Cramer thinks it's also creating some really good opportunities.

For example shares of Himax, a semiconductor maker based in Taiwan, have tumbled about 10% in a handful of days as investors run for the exits, suddenly fearing this and other momentum stocks.

However, Cramer doesn't fear the sell-off at all. Quite the opposite. Considering shares have done nothing but rally lately, "I think the pullback is providing you with a pretty attractive entry point," said Jim Cramer.

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Largely the "Mad Money" host believes the fundamentals remain solid. That is, the chips made by Himax are state of the art and should remain in demand.

Of course Cramer realizes with the market selling off broadly, few stocks are immune to weakness. Certainly not a momentum stock such as Himax. Therefore, Cramer thinks it's prudent to consult technical analysis to either confirm or deny the thesis.

And according to analysis provided by Bob Lang, Himax is a buy.

Looking at the daily charts, Lang notes that momentum indicators such as the relative strength index and Williams %R oscillator are bullish.

Also he says the moving average convergence divergence indicator or MACD is flashing a buy signal. According to Lang, the last time the MACD flashed a similar signal was in late November, right before the stock started running from $10 to $14 in a period of weeks.

Looking at the weekly chart, Lang also likes that the stock has been in a consistently strong uptrend for the last fifteen months.

And even if the stock falls further, charts also suggest downside is somewhat limited.

According to Lang every time Himax has fallen to a floor of support, the level has held and the stock has bounced right back. Looking at patterns a little more closely, Lang says the uptrend remains intact even if Himax pulls back to $11.

All told, the charts suggest to Lang that the path of least resistance should be higher.

There is a caveat, however.

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Himax reports earnings on February 13 and the last time it reported, the stock took a hit because earnings were only in-line with estimates and guidance was disappointing.

"When you've got a stock that's already tripled for the year, you need to beat the heck out of the numbers and raise guidance," Cramer explained.

It's possible that pattern may repeat itself, too.

Nonetheless, both the technical and fundamentals suggest even if shares fall near-term, they should advance thereafter.

Therefore, Cramer is a strategic buyer. "I think we could be looking at a terrific opportunity to buy a strong stock in a rare moment of weakness."

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