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MONTREAL, Jan. 27, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Accredited Access ™ [formerly Accredit Inc] today announced that it will be launching a public section of its investor compliance portal and allow Accredited Investors, Qualified Buyers, Crowd Funders and Canadian Eligible Investors to use its technologies and services to connect and prove their qualifications to its participating institutions.

"We have been working diligently over the last year with investors and institutions alike to create an efficient, secure and innovative platform allowing real time capabilities to seamlessly communicate and audit proof of investor qualifications and changes in investment preferences" says Malick Maachi, Co-Founder and CEO of Accredited Access ™ adding that, "The launch of the public portal was just a question of time. The opportunity is intended to help institutions extend their network and investors prove their qualification in one click while protecting their privacy." He added, "This by no means impact the privacy and access restrictions of our current members who decide to remain on the private section of the portal, but does offer an opportunity for these members to share the public portal if they desire"

Accredited Access ™ conducts due diligence analysis to determine that investors are properly qualified and remain qualified to invest in the jurisdiction in which they intend to invest. Once certified, investors are provided with a unique identifier. Using different privacy options, investors are able to prove their identity, qualification and update their investment preferences and experience to any number of authorized institutions or individuals, even simultaneously.

Once authorized, participating institutions that are members of Accredited Access ™ can access investor reports, which are verified and certified on a quarterly or yearly basis depending on regulatory requirements and jurisdiction, allowing them to easily verify qualifications and onboard investors. Institutional members are notified every time a change occurs in the Investor's report allowing them to remain compliant at all times.

To this date, the company's model was built around a private and centralized identity management and compliance portal that enabled over 5000 investors and 100 institutions to remain compliant but most importantly to give investors the assurance their personal financial information is protected.

While the core of Accredited Access ™'s business remains ensuring investor qualification and certification, the company is creating a powerful way for institutions to engage, extend or create a new network of qualified investors. The public section of the portal will be available as of March 2014 and will allow investors to connect and prove qualification not only to companies raising capital under Reg D, but to anyone in the capital raising or investment space including financial institutions, Canadian EMD's, broker dealers, hedge funds, banks, investment bankers, private issuers and private portals.

The company will release the list of all its participating institutions at the launch date. Institutions can request membership as of today on the Accredited Access ™ website here.

Investors can start using the service as of today to get certified and invite non-participating institutions to prove their qualification on the Accredited Access ™ website here.

Founded in 2013, Accredited Access ™ is a compliance portal designed to help investors and institutions complete regulatory obligations. Institutions use Accredited Access ™ to verify investor qualifications and extend their network while Investors use the portal to protect their privacy, manage their investment profile and securely connect with the financial community.

For more information visit Accredited Access ™ website here:

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