Dealer Group Success in line with Fortune 500 Philosophy


Portland, Oregon, Jan. 27, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Earlier this year, a $32 billion, Fortune 500, well-known enterprise conducted a company-wide survey, which uncovered the one obstacle holding them back from another billion-dollar growth spree in the coming months. That one obstacle? Customer Service. They were blown away to learn that their customers were unhappy and the monster company was determined to focus on nothing but providing a first-class customer experience to turn things around.

For Scott Fischer, he did not need a survey to determine how his organization would better shift their focus. From the very beginning, Scott Fischer Enterprises has worked diligently to make sure their customers come first, are respected, and most importantly - enjoy the buying experience they receive every time they Call or Click any of their six dealerships!

Scott Fischer knows that first impressions are everything and that if their virtual dealership websites do not provide easy navigation, a crisp, simple layout and colors, AND let each visitor know that if they do not have exactly what they are looking for - they can get it - they may as well not have websites at all.

Jay Mason, President and CEO of Dealer Spike said, "It was easy to customize Scott Fischer's websites because they already practice what we preach by providing their customers with Best-in-Class Sales, Service, and Follow-Up. We both agreed on The Mission up- front and we are proud to celebrate their success!"

Scott's dealership, Blue Ridge Harley- Davidson watched their inbound sales lead volume increase by 564% in just ONE YEAR! "Work Hard. Ride Hard," that's what it's all about. "Work hard and enjoy the spoils of your hard work," says Scott Fischer. Chief Branding Officer, John Greene, said, "What we sell is no different than any other H-D dealer. It is our culture and the experience you get in one of our stores that sets us apart and it was vital to be able to show that through our websites." For a Virtual Tour of the Scott Fischer Blue Ridge HD store, visit! With features like Google Street-view style dealership virtual tours and video walk-arounds on inventory, Scott Fischer is setting a new standard for the online dealership. For a free consultation on where your dealership's web presence can improve call 800-288-5917 or visit