Dividend Capital Diversified Property Fund Announces Tax Treatment of 2013 Distributions

DENVER, Jan. 27, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Dividend Capital Diversified Property Fund Inc. ("DPF" or "the Company"), a public reporting, daily NAV REIT (Nasdaq:ZDPFEX) (Nasdaq:ZDPFAX) (Nasdaq:ZDPFWX) (Nasdaq:ZDPFIX), announced today the income tax treatment of its 2013 distributions to holders of its common stock.

For holders of DPF common stock, the 2013 distributions includes one quarterly distribution authorized in 2012 and paid in 2013 and two quarterly distributions authorized and paid in 2013. Additionally, the return of capital percentage on common stock distributions is also reported in the Investor Relations section of the DPF website at www.dividendcapitaldiversified.com, pursuant to U.S. tax basis reporting required under Internal Revenue Code Section 6045B.

The dollar amount reported on each investor's respective 1099-DIV will depend on the total amount of distributions received throughout year which can be affected by the share class held and the length of time the shares were owned. The 2013 distribution characteristics expressed as a percentage of the total are as follows:

Authorization Payment Cash Ordinary Capital Return of
Date Date Distribution Dividend Gain Capital
12/12/2012* 4/15/2013 100% 40.976932% 0% 59.023068%
3/15/2013 6/15/2013 100% 40.976932% 0% 59.023068%
6/27/2013 10/15/2013 100% 40.976932% 0% 59.023068%
* The fourth quarter distribution authorized on 12/12/12 and paid on 4/15/13 is considered a 2013 distribution for federal income tax purposes.

Please note that the 2013 fourth quarter distribution which was paid on January 15, 2014 is not reported on the 1099-DIV for the 2013 tax year. As a result, the 2013 1099-DIV only reflects the payment of three distributions for tax purposes. The 2013 fourth quarter distribution will be reflected on the 2014 1099-DIV. This did not have an impact on the amount of ordinary income reported but rather it only affects the amount reported as a return of capital for tax purposes.

About Dividend Capital Diversified Property Fund

Dividend Capital Diversified Property Fund is a public reporting, daily NAV vehicle based in Denver, CO that invests in a diversified portfolio of commercial real estate assets. The company currently owns 82 properties totaling approximately 15.2 million square feet in 30 geographic markets. More information is available at www.dividendcapitaldiversified.com.

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