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Entrepreneurs: For the love of the game

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Sockscribe Me

Eric Kami was an account manager for Google's Large Customer Sales team. He confirms all the rumors about Google being a great place to work. But he quit to pursue a pastime that mattered to him—gifting socks.

"Gifting socks had been something my partner Daniel and I had been doing for years," he said. "We felt ready to share our passion with the world." With that, Sockscribe Me, a monthly sock subscription service was born.

The company is going strong today, thanks to an engaged following. But what kind of people want wacky socks with hamburgers or penguins sent to them every month?

"We've found that people of all genders, ages, and backgrounds are equally as obsessed with getting fun socks as we are," he said.

Image Source: Sockscribe Me