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With the continuing changes in medication therapy management, CenseoHealth's membership in the Pharmacy Quality Alliance takes another step toward helping its health care partners solve the bigger picture of moving the clinical needle nationally to produce positive patient outcomes.

DALLAS, Jan. 28, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- CenseoHealth proudly announces it has joined the Pharmacy Quality Alliance (PQA) in 2014, aligning forces to provide real-life solutions to medication mismanagement.

Medication therapy management (MTM), comprehensive medication reviews, and medication action plans are major concerns for health plans. Bringing in a respected partner to provide a MTM program that will drive improved completion rates and help members become informed about proper drug use is critical.

"As a PQA member, our goal is to better understand where health care organizations are struggling so that we may align our services to meet those needs," said Bales Nelson, President of CenseoHealth. "CenseoHealth knows clinician home health assessments have the power to affect medication adherence, reduce hospital admissions and catch medication errors before they adversely impact members. Our MTM program is designed to address all of them."

Identification of high risk medications, proper drug use for diabetes and hypertension treatment, and the correct use of statins – all Star ratings measures – can be influenced through a comprehensive and robust MTM program. By combining health risk assessments (HRA) and MTM initiatives, health plans increase completion rates and close critical gaps-in-care.

In 2014, CenseoHealth will expand its MTM service to include evaluating therapy goals, identifying new medication issues, and monitoring the outcomes of the MTM recommendations through on-going survey and member tracking.

About Pharmacy Quality Alliance (PQA)

Established in 2006, the Pharmacy Quality Alliance (PQA) represents pharmacy providers, pharmacy benefit management companies, health plans, outcomes researchers, academicians, health systems, pharmaceutical research and manufacturing companies, health IT vendors, medication therapy management companies and other stakeholders committed to improving the quality of the medication-use system. PQA provides a leadership role in identification and selection of metrics for evaluating the quality of the medication-use process, provides education on quality improvement, and connects pharmacists and other stakeholders to healthcare improvement initiatives that can have a positive impact on patient outcomes.

About CenseoHealth

CenseoHealth's mission is to facilitate meaningful connections between health plans and their members by providing tailored solutions resulting in high-quality, cost-effective health care. The Company's suite of services is anchored by CareConsult™, a home health consultation conducted by one of the Company's 10,000 licensed physicians that results in improved member engagement, more accurate diagnoses, and more informed primary care providers. CenseoHealth's additional services expand the Company's breadth of support and subsequently assist health plans in their effort to close gaps in care and reduce medication errors.

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