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The new face of smartwatches

Christina Medici Scolaro
Tech Yeah! Pebble Steel smartwatch

The fast-growing smartwatch market may finally begin to appeal to the mainstream public ... and that appeal might be because it doesn't really look like much of a smartwatch.

The Pebble Steel has a metal band, giving it a more fashionable look than the original Pebble released one year ago as well as its rival smartwatches that have a bulky, techie look.

But that's not the main thing that pushes them forward in the smartwatch market, according to Michael Prospero, reviews editor at Tom's Guide.

"The real reason why the Steel is better than other smartwatches is its app store," he said. "There are nearly 1,000 apps available, compared to 300 for the Sony SmartWatch and 75 for the Galaxy Gear."

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