Cause Direct Makes Giving to Charities and Schools as Easy as Accepting Credit and Debit Cards

Newport Beach, CA, Feb. 3, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ( -- Now large and small businesses can donate to their favorite charity or school every time they accept a credit or debit card by using Cause Direct ( Cause Direct is the new business that enables companies to substantially increase their giving without sacrificing their bottom lines.

"Cause Direct is simple to use and provides credit card processing to businesses of all sizes," Cause Direct COO Brian Kelly says. "Even non-profits and schools can use Cause Direct to process payments and receive the charitable benefits for themselves," Kelly says.

Businesses wanting to use Cause Direct to increase their giving should follow these three easy steps:
Go to the Cause Direct secure payments portal link:
Fill out the short online form and NAME the charity or school you want to support.
Cause Direct will contact you and get your business set up to give to charity at no cost to you!

"When we can help my daughter's school just by using Cause Direct to accept credit cards, everybody wins," Dana McKee Vice President of Marketing for Bartco Lighting Inc. says. "What a great way to continually give!"

"By integrating Cause Direct into our business, our company has become instantly philanthropic while saving money. Our sales staff can promote that we now accept payments via Cause," says Bina Barton, CFO of ReLed Systems, LLC. "Now our sales team can open doors that had previously been closed to us, based upon our participation with Cause Direct. We've been able to connect with our customers on a deeper, more meaningful level."

About Cause Direct

From manufacturing, to fitness centers to retailers, most business owners find it fulfilling to support an altruistic cause. Cause Direct gives charities a continual and sustainable flow of income by doing what businesses do every day -- accepting debit or credit cards for their products and services. It's not an event. It's not a fund raiser. It's not a one-time bump in giving. It is Cause Direct -- Make Every Transaction Count!

CONTACT: Karen Gleason,, 202-744-7810 Source: Cause Mobile Wallet