Security Benefit Debuts New Crediting Option for Leading Fixed Indexed Annuity

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TOPEKA, Kan., Feb. 3, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Security Benefit Life Insurance Company (Security Benefit), a leader in the U.S. retirement market, announced today the addition of an interest crediting option based on the Morgan Stanley Dynamic Allocation (MSDA) Index for its Secure Income Annuity (SIA), the # 2 selling fixed indexed annuity (FIA) in 2013*.

"Our Secure Income Annuity and the FIA market as a whole experienced tremendous growth in 2013, as advisors and clients looked for solutions to America's retirement income challenge," said Doug Wolff, Security Benefit's President. "The addition of the Morgan Stanley Dynamic Allocation Index as a crediting option to our popular SIA further enhances an already attractive FIA for advisors with clients seeking to secure guaranteed income throughout retirement."

Based on the principles of modern portfolio theory and the efficient frontier, the goal of the MSDA Index is to attempt to deliver the maximum returns for a given level of risk by determining the optimal weightings of each of the asset classes that make up the Index. The MSDA Index is made up of U.S.-listed exchange traded funds and indices, representing U.S. and non-U.S. equities, as well as fixed income securities, alternatives, and cash.

The MSDA Index is a rules-based strategy that dynamically adjusts the weight of its components. Additionally, each asset class has established maximum allocation limits, which helps to minimize the impact any single asset class can have on the overall index.

"We're delighted to work with Security Benefit to offer this innovative solution to the FIA market," said Nikki Tippins, Head of Americas Equity Derivatives Distribution at Morgan Stanley. "We see continued growth in this segment, and the Morgan Stanley Dynamic Allocation Index was designed to provide diversified, risk-adjusted performance based on liquid, transparent securities."

For more information about the Secure Income Annuity, including the Morgan Stanley Dynamic Allocation Index Account and other innovative features, please call Security Benefit at (800) 888-2461.

* According to Wink's Sales and Market Report, 1st Quarter-4th Quarter 2013

The Security Benefit Secure Income Annuity, form 5800 (11-10) and ICC10 5800 (11-10), a fixed index flexible premium deferred annuity contract, is issued by Security Benefit Life Insurance Company. Product features, limitations and availability may vary by state.

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