Secret Lives of the Super Rich

Secret Lives of the Super Rich

Sleeping with the super rich

Sleeping with the super rich

Image Source: Evan Joseph Images

While shooting the show "Secret Lives of the Super Rich," we end up in some really wild places, including a few bedrooms where we'd like to spend the night.

Click ahead to take a look at these amazing bedrooms that have seen their share of the super rich icons and celebrities getting horizontal.

By CNBC's Kevin Kane
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Posted 3 Feb. 2014

Lloyd Wright's Samuel Novarro House

Image Source: John Aaroe Group

This is one of two bedrooms in a landmark house in the exclusive The Oaks neighborhood of Los Angeles.

For architecture fans, it has an impressive pedigree. It was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright's son.

Who's slept here? Past owners include Diane Keaton, Leonard Bernstein and Christina Ricci. You can be next for $4 million.

Tommy Hilfiger Penthouse—Plaza Hotel

Image Source: Evan Joseph Images

Tommy Hilfiger's bedroom in his Plaza Hotel penthouse is a lot more subdued than you'd expect from an icon of American fashion who's known for his use of bright colors.

Step outside the bedroom and you will see the most amazing views of New York's Central Park.

The price tag for all of this is $80 million.

817 Fifth Avenue

Image Source: Evan Joseph Images

New York socialite Sale Johnson's bedroom has one of the best and unique views of Central Park.

Despite its proximity to Fifth Avenue, you don't need to worry about the busy street just outside the window. They are bulletproof, triple-paned, UV-coated, and outfitted with remote-control curtains. For $25 million, you can open and close them all day.

Kirby Hill

Image Source: Jump Visual Photography

The Muttontown, N.Y., bedroom of this historic mansion on Long Island's Gold Coast has been around since the days when "The Great Gatsby" was written. This bedroom probably saw its share of action when its high-society owners threw big parties here in the Roaring '20s. You can make your own history here for $9,995,000.

182 Bal Bay

Owner's suite
Photo: Luis Travieso

There's no shame waking up in an $80,000 custom alligator skin bed overlooking Miami's Biscayne Bay. The room around you is filled with $1 million worth of art. And that bench at the foot of the bed conceals a television—just a push of a button pops it out.

The house will cost you $17.5 million.

Versace Mansion

Image Source: Luis Travieso

This bedroom in Gianni Versace's palace may have been where Madonna slept when she stayed in Miami Beach.

After the designer's untimely death in 1997, the mansion has changed hands several times and now belongs to the family who controls Jordache Enterprises. They beat out Donald Trump in a high-profile auction with a $41.5 million bid.

Four Peaks Ranch

Image Source: Joshua & Company

If you can't get a good night's sleep in this bedroom—with its spectacular view of the Rocky Mountains—then you may want to try sleeping pills. This bedroom is attached to an 18,000-square-foot mountain paradise just outside of Aspen that can be yours for $65 million.

Nirvana House

Image Source: Joel Goodrich Luxury Real Estate

This isn't the set of a 1970s porn movie—it's the bedroom of world-renowned architect Angela Danadjieva. She built this masterpiece as her private residence.

The home in Tiburon, Calif., includes sweeping views of San Francisco Bay and a running waterfall inside the great room. Danadjieva is offering her pièce de résistance for $11.8 million.

The Pink Palace

Image Source: Matt McCourtney

This historic mansion in San Francisco's posh Pacific Heights neighborhood has been party central for more than a century, and you can bet nobody is throwing their coats on this bed.

The view from the balcony is spectacular, but the price might give you a hangover: $24.8 million.

Fairmont Hotel

Image Source: Fairmont Hotel San Francisco

The Fairmont's VIP Presidential Penthouse in San Francisco has seen its share of rock stars and royalty—and they have been known use its bedrooms in interesting ways.

Rumor has it John F. Kennedy spent a night with Marilyn Monroe here in the 1960s. You can sleep here with whomever you want for $15,000 a night.

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