What players get paid for winning the Super Bowl

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson with the Vince Lombardi championship trophy at MetLife Stadium
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A place in history, a blinged-up ring and a shiny trophy aren't the only spoils that Super Bowl champions earn for winning America's biggest sporting event.

There are those bonus checks: According to the NFL office and the league's post-season media guide, each participating member of the victorious team—the Seattle Seahawks—receives $92,000.

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And while the Denver Broncos may have been devastated by their 43-8 loss to the Seahawks on Sunday, the $46,000 check that each Bronco picks up should help ease the pain at least a bit.

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The bonus is paid by the league itself, according to the NFL.

The Seahawks' Super Bowl roster listed 63 players, translating to a total championship bonus payout of about $5.8 million. The Broncos' roster listed 64 players, adding up to approximately $2.9 million in runner-up bonuses.

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Including what came with the Super Bowl blowout, each Seahawk took in about $157,000 in the post-season, including $23,000 each for their divisional playoff win over the Saints, and $42,000 each for their conference championship triumph over the 49ers.

That translates into a total post-season NFL payout of about $9.9 million to Seahawks players.

—By CNBC's Adam Molon. Follow him on Twitter: @CNBCMolon