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Yellen lays down the law, prefers gender-neutral title: Report

Janet Yellen
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Federal Reserve chief Janet Yellen has instructed the central bank's staff to refer to her as "Fed chair" rather than "chairwoman," The Washington Post reported on Monday.

The first woman to preside over the Fed in its history is striking a gender-neutral tone that belies her barrier-breaking history as an academic and a policymaker.

The markets take on Janet Yellen
The markets take on Janet Yellen

Out of two dozen economics doctorate students at Yale University in the early '70s, Yellen was the only woman to earn a Ph.D., thePost reported.

Her early career was influenced by what the newspaper said was "skepticism of her abilities," based largely on her gender.

The 67-year-old economist takes over Monday amid growing fears over the Fed's ability to pull back on its massive monetary stimulus as investors worry about the effect of tapering on emerging markets.

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