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Will new CEO make Microsoft more relevant?

What Microsoft 'must do next': Cramer

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They say the future depends on what you do today. And Microsoft is clearly getting ready for its future.

This week the tech titan named Satya Nadella, a 22-year Microsoft veteran who headed the Cloud and Enterprise group, as the company's next chief executive officer.

Chatter on the Street suggests the move telegraphs important information about the company's strategy in the months and years ahead; specifically that enterprise software will continue to be the company's primary focus.

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Jim Cramer, however, hopes the 46-year old Nadella will bring the vigor of youth back to the company and make somewhat aggressive moves, right here and right now.

For example, the Mad Money host would like to see Microsoft plunge squarely into the world of social and mobile, which he says it could do easily through some strategic acquisitions. "It has enough money to buy companies," Cramer insisted.

"It could put together a vertical of Yelp, Zillow, LinkedIn and Pandora and really become something in social and mobile on the web," Cramer said.

Or it could go buy Netflix and own the entertainment world when combined with Xbox. Thirty billion probably gets Netflix which is not too much if you want to get right with where the world's going. "

"Or it could go purchase Workday, Concur Technologies and Service Now to own the cloud and enterprise," Cramer added.

Whatever Microsoft does, Cramer just hopes it just doesn't something.

Otherwise he fears the company's future may be at risk.

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"Even as Windows is a dominant player now, it might not be dominant in the future," Cramer noted.

"I remember when IBM was dominant. I remember when Blackberry was dominant. People forget how quickly dominance can go away. Microsoft could go away unless it uses that cash today to become more relevant tomorrow.

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