Give Christie benefit of the doubt: Tim Pawlenty

Months after news of the "Bridgegate" scandal first broke, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie continues to fend off allegations that he had prior knowledge of the September George Washington Bridge lane closures.

Former Republican presidential candidate Tim Pawlenty says give the governor a break.

"He should be given the benefit of the doubt until somebody actually offers evidence that he did anything wrong and that hasn't happened," Pawlenty said Monday on "The Kudlow Report."

A letter released Friday from a lawyer for former Port Authority official David Wildstein says "evidence exists" tying Christie to the lane closure decision.

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"If there is such evidence, put it on the table, put it out in front of the media, put it in front of the judicial process or the legislative review process so people can kick the tires and see if it's real or not," Pawlenty says. "Until then it really just looks like a game."

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Turning to the 2014 midterm election cycle, Pawlenty, now CEO of the Financial Services Roundtable, said he thinks odds favor the GOP to win back a Senate majority.

"The Republicans have a very good chance actually of taking the Senate, although it's going to be close," Pawlenty said. "The message needs to be jobs and economic growth," said the former two-term Minnesota governor.

"What do you need to do to get jobs growing and get this economy ignited. Get the message around that and by the way be on the side of small businesses and entrepreneurs and I think that's the winning message."

—By CNBC's Krista Braun.