Digital Development Group (DIDG) Continues to See Aggressive Growth in January; Forecasts Significant Expansion

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HOLLYWOOD, Calif., Feb. 4, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Digital Development Group (OTCBB:DIDG) (The Company), continued to grow at a double digit rate for the month of January. The online internet content provider today announced a 14% increase in subscribers for the month of January compared to December, which was, in itself, a record month.

"Subscriber growth in January gives testimony to the continued acceptance of our programming as well as the dynamic growth in internet television. We added two more channels in January, raising our total to thirteen channels, and have three more ready for launching in February. Our goal for the quarter ending March 31, 2014 is to have twenty channels on our network," said CEO Martin W. Greenwald.

"February looks to be another breakout month, as we will be launching our all-in-one Roku application. The change from $4.99 per channel to $4.99 for all channels made a dramatic difference in subscriber signups. We believe that twenty channels by quarter's end is very achievable, and the goal is thirty channels by mid year. This is not just about the number of channels, but more so the quality of the content, and to that end, we will continue to offer a wide range of programming for one fixed price."

Greenwald continued, "Every week that goes by puts the Company closer to profitability. We've put a very sharp stake in the ground as to where we will allow our expenses to increase. In the coming months, the vast majority of any increase will be in marketing directed to Roku and our rapidly growing social media footprint. Our programming currently runs the range from classic silent films to cult epics to late-night adult content, comparable to that seen on the major cable networks. We strongly believe that a network that has something for everyone is our formula for success. When we launch our new Roku app, we'll be in front of the Roku viewer as the, "all-in-one app." Roku now numbers approximately seven million households, and is increasing by approximately two million new installs per quarter. Once the app is launched in the first half of February, we believe that we will see the next stage of growth that could dwarf what we are currently enjoying!"

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