New iPhone App, "Flag" Makes Printing Photos Free Forever

LOS ANGELES, Feb. 4, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Flag is an iPhone and iPad app which threatens to put the printing industry out of business.

"It's simple," said founder Samuel Agboola. "You download Flag for free, open it, select your photos and tell us where to send them. We print them and mail them for you. No charge, no shipping or handling."

Agboola (whose name is pronounced Ag-boa-la) has been working on the app since 2010 — perfecting the business model, building relationships with suppliers and planning the launch. For the last year he and his team have been preparing for a Kickstarter campaign which, despite only being scheduled for a 2-week funding period, has been topping Kickstarter's popularity chart.

"The response has been phenomenal. We've been covered online and off, by TV and newspapers on two continents. It's a great validation of our concept and evidence of a pent-up demand for square-dealing, high-value free services."

Flag's secret is advertising. Each print ordered has a discreet ad on the back of the print. Advertisers get customers who are happy to receive their mailings as they come with the gift of first-rate photo printing. Unlike normal mail circulars, advertisers know photos aren't thrown away and, because the people ordering prints are looking out for them, they don't have to worry about their messages being lost in a pile of 'junk mail'.

"It's a win-win. Our users get first-rate, better-than-you-can-pay-for, free photo printing. Advertisers get to stay out of the trash and to look good. We hope it's a model that'll catch on. Rather than have ads forced upon you, why not let advertisers entice us all to listen. Best of all for them the cost is the same and the product more effective."

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CONTACT: Sam Agboola 310-666-0030Source:Flag Universal LLC