Orchestrate, a Simple API Service that Unleashes the Power of Multiple NoSQL Databases, Launches Today

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PORTLAND, OR, Feb. 4, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Orchestrate (Orchestrate.io), the only API to offer the best of NoSQL in a developer-friendly service, launches its commercial product offering today. Available to try for free, Orchestrate reduces development times and eliminates the cost and complexity of running NoSQL databases in production, while giving developers access to scalable, robust data architecture previously found only in organizations like LinkedIn, Amazon or Facebook. It offers full text search, graph, activity feed, time-ordered event and key-value queries, and will add more query types in response to user demand.

With the proliferation of NoSQL databases, a typical application will use as many as five databases in production to power features such as search, finding friends, recommendations and storing information generated by sensors and connected devices. According to a poll conducted by Navisite in 2013, organizations spend 25% of their IT budget on data storage, and most use multiple database types (often called polyglot persistence) in multiple locations. Orchestrate frees developers from the operational and financial constraints associated with polyglot persistence, allowing them to code new features more quickly, combine data previously isolated in silos to create better features, and allocate more resources to improving end user experience and driving growth.

New and legacy applications alike can take advantage of Orchestrate, with initial use cases in beta coming from gaming, mobile, e-commerce and M2M applications. Whether an independent developers with an idea to prototype, creative agencies on deadline, bootstrapped startups or the enterprise team looking to add new features to an existing application, Orchestrate provides a wealth of features, including:

  • Ad hoc search queries with Lucene
  • Event and time-ordered storage for activity feeds, sensor data
  • Create and query graph relationships
  • Easy to understand pricing
  • Data export at will - no lock-in
  • Standards compliant data security protocols
  • Daily data backups
  • Bulk data loading
  • Daily and hourly usage monitoring
  • A single, simple interface - JSON data in/out
  • Designed to complement existing databases and MBaaS services
  • Client libraries for Java, Node.js, and Go, with Ruby, Python, .NET and other common languages coming soon


"We've witnessed businesses struggle to navigate the sometimes overwhelming NoSQL ecosystem time and again," said Antony Falco, CEO and co-founder of Orchestrate. "The explosion of the database market has caused confusion for developers and added complexity to apps. At the same time, individual databases themselves don't differentiate the product - user experience does. No app has ever come out on top because of how well they ran a database. Orchestrate simplifies multi-database management and frees developers to focus on building better products, faster and without the headaches."

"Polyglot persistence has enabled developers to make use of multiple architectures, data formats and consistency models, but also poses a potential headache to database and application administrators who have to support multiple databases and the sometimes fragile dependencies between them," commented Matt Aslett, Research Director, Data Management and Analytics, 451 Research. "We see the potential for interest in Orchestrate's API platform as enterprises look to alleviate the complexity of managing multiple databases that support modern distributed composite applications."

Pricing - One Million Queries A Month Free with Unlimited Storage

Orchestrate offers developers a free tier of one million query operations per month (MegaOps or MOps), and three paid tiers based on support needs and consumption, starting at $39/ month. All tiers offer monitoring, support, daily usage reports and daily backups into customer-designated and controlled locations. Customers can cancel at any time and pay only for what they use. For more information, visit the pricing page.

Orchestrate announced an initial seed round of $3 million in May 2013, led by True Ventures. Its private beta opened in September, signing on over 1300 beta users, with enterprise customers now going into production. To learn more, visit its website or blog. You can also follow them on Twitter, LinkedIn, Github and Angel List.

About Orchestrate

Orchestrate provides a simple, RESTful API service that eliminates the need for developers to operate their own databases in production. Powered by best-of-breed NoSQL databases, Orchestrate unifies full-text search, social graph, activity feed, key/value document and time-ordered event queries in a single interface, eliminating the operational and financial burden of deploying databases when building new applications and adding new features to existing ones. Behind the scenes, Orchestrate handles the complex task of building, operating, and scaling a high performance, fault tolerant data layer. Founded in 2013, Orchestrate is based in Portland, Oregon, and is backed by Frontline Ventures, Resonant Venture Partners, Trifork and True Ventures. For more information, please visit http://orchestrate.io

CONTACT: Jennifer Lankford Communications Director jennifer@orchestrate.io

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