Secret Lives of the Super Rich

Secret Lives of the Super Rich

Where the super rich go to keep their supercars safe

Where super rich go to keep super cars safe
Where super rich go to keep super cars safe

Looking for a place where you can pay robots to stand guard over your million-dollar Ferrari in its very own climate-controlled apartment? Look no further than RoboVault.

The state-of-the-art 150,000-square-foot facility is like a safety deposit box where super-rich collectors store their most-prized possessions. It's packed with supercars, rare wines and art work worth millions.

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Susan McGregor is RoboVault's president. Her list of wealthy clients is top secret, but it does include names you would recognize.

"We don't reveal the names of our clients," she said. "In some cases, we'll sign nondisclosure agreements."

From professional athletes to celebrities, Miami's ultra-rich are drawn to the megavault looking for privacy and security. In addition to the fingerprint scanners, computer-programmed keys and 150 security cameras, the facility is also strong enough to withstand a Category 5 hurricane.

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A Ferrari seen in the RoboVault.
Ray Parisi | CNBC

When you are ready to take the Ferrari out for a spin, all you need is your secret code and a fingerprint to set the robocrane in motion. In minutes, the 'rarri is delivered and ready to go.

For security reasons, McGregor will not disclose the dollar value of the vehicles locked in the vault, but from what we saw, this place is one of the most super-rich parking garages in America.

McGregor admits she doesn't even know exactly what's being kept under lock-and-key. The strangest collection she's seen stored here was dinosaur bones.

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And the views from her office are pretty cool.

"Every day, every couple of minutes something new and different comes by my office," she said. "My son thinks I have the greatest job in the world."

—By CNBC's Jessica Joseph and Valerie Patriarca.

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