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Breaking into the art market: Dale Chihuly sculptures


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Dale Chihuly

American-born Dale Chihuly is a glass sculptor and artist widely credited for reinventing the perception of the glass as a fine art medium.

His ambitious architectural installations, featured in museums, cities and parks around the world, can reach as high a price as their height. In 2006, his 43ft-tall "Fireworks of Glass" sculpture was sold for $4.5 million.

"I was just lucky. A lot of people wanted to own my work and I was happy to make it for them. I can't even explain it myself, how it all happened," Chihuly told CNBC

His pieces can be as high as 60 feet, with pieces anywhere from two feet.

"What I learnt a long time ago, is to let the glass make itself. Use the fire and the heat, the centrifugal force and gravity. There are very few tools that I use."

CNBC caught up with Dale Chihuly in London, watch the full interview here.

Here are some of his most celebrated pieces.

By CNBC's Alice Tidey.

Karl Gehring | The Denver Post | Getty Images