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High fashion meets high-tech on the runway

Tech Yeah! High-fashion, high-tech
Tech Yeah! High-fashion, high-tech

From the Google Glass featured at the Diane Von Furstenberg show last year to Rebecca Minkoff's Stelle audio clutches, high-tech is joining haute couture more and more. Here are some fashion-forward accessories to watch for on runways this year.

The Epiphany Eye Wear, a stylish alternative to the Google Glass, can capture "point of view" videos with audio that can be shared on social networking sites, says Jesse Draper, CEO of the Valley Girl Show. It also stores up to 32GB of data and features computerized transition lenses.

The trendy glasses have its limitations, though. For a hefty $399, the Epiphany Eye Wear doesn't have a display for a user to playback the videos they record and has no voice recognition capabilities.

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The CSR Smart Jewelry, designed in collaboration with jeweler Cellini, is a pendant-style necklace that works with the newest iOS platform. Using Bluetooth, CSR links to users' smartphones to enable them to change color on the pendent to reflect their mood or coordinate with their clothing.

Draper also noted that smart bracelets are joining the fashionable smart jewelry realm. Instead of a pendent-style necklace, Intel's stylish smart bracelet is another option for consumers to consider.

Fashion technology also includes clothing lines.

Zaggora hot pants, for $59, use ThermoFit, a multilayer fabric technology, to harness a body's natural heat to help the user burn more calories while exercising. Maybe some day, it will calculate how many calories were burned during a workout.

—By CNBC's Erika Santoro.