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Game plan: How will Cramer zig as market zags?

Some beaten down stocks to rebound next week

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You could almost feel a breeze on Wall Street Friday morning as pros breathed a collective sigh of relief after the .

Although the economy only added 113,000 jobs in January the report was bullish for stocks because it introduced some certainty into the market.

That is, investors who viewed the report as a sign of weakness put money into classic growth; those are stocks such as Priceline and Celgene which should keep growing even if the economy slows down, Cramer explained.

Also the report sent money into Treasurys which drove interest rates lower, and that too, is typically a good thing for stocks.

And finally, "it appears some investors just don't believe the jobs number," Cramer said. They think it's abberant." Those investors bought cyclicals which are tied to global growth.

All told, the market's mood seemed to shift on Friday. Advancing stocks outnumbered declining ones on the New York Stock Exchange by a ratio of more than 3 to 1.

Jim Cramer thinks the positive tone should bleed into the week ahead as a slew of new catalysts wash over the market. Here's what Cramer will be watching.

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Investable themes will be front and center on Monday as Annie's and Pioneer Natural Resources report earnings. "For Annie's the numbers will speak to the desire among Americans to stay healthy by eating more organic and natural food," Cramer explained. "Meanwhile, Pioneer Natural Resources is a company that's told us it is sitting on the second biggest oilfield in the world, which is here in the United States, in Texas. Some are questioning the real size of this field. Maybe we get more documentation that could send the stock flying."


On Tuesday tech will command Cramer's attention as the Goldman Sachs Tech Conference gets underway. "In recent years, the conference has given a lift to the group. I'll be looking at Adobe, Google, and Qualcomm, all of whom will be strutting their stuff."

In addition Cramer is eager to hear earnings from CVS Caremark. " We might learn more about the controversial decision to kick tobacco out of the stores," he said. Also Cramer will be keeping an ear peeled toward TripAdvisor. "While I adore TripAdvisor I don't know if it can maintain this altitude after its spectacular run."


Cramer called Wednesday, 'disappointment day.' "I expect to be disappointed by Deere, after hearing Agco's downbeat forecast on "Mad Money" earlier this week. I also expect some negative chatter from Cisco. And I'm preparing for less than robust figures from snack food giant Mondelez. However, if any one of these actually says anything good, though, you can expect a huge move higher. That's how beaten down the expectations have become for these three going into their earnings."

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Meanwhile, Cramer will also be keeping an eye on Whole Foods. "In this case investors are betting that the disappointing last quarter was an aberration and that things will snapback nicely after the company lowered the bar with its previous quarter."


Cramer may reach for a few snacks on Thursday as PepsiCo reports earnings. "One thing you have to keep in mind here is that this stock's really fallen and fallen hard of late, and I think that screams opportunity. I bet the company has enough good things to say that we could see a nice move up from these levels."

Cramer is a little more cautious of WhiteWave Foods. "I've noticed a huge spike in almond prices of late and there's always a chance that it clips the almond milk maker's bountiful gross margins."

Meanwhile, Cramer thinks the Cliffs Natural Resources report could spark fireworks. "An activist fund's trying to shake up this huge iron ore producer and I wouldn't be surprised to see genuine agitation as well as a plan that management should endorse if it wants higher prices. I bet that Cliffs becomes a major focus of this market next week and it could be good news for the stock."


On Friday earnings from VF Corp will command Cramer's attention. "Eric Wiseman, one of my Bankable 21 CEOs in "Get Rich Carefully," has done such a remarkable job with this company that I would put on a half a position ahead of the quarter, and if the stock gets hit I'd buy the other half, because you don't buy VF for the quarter, you buy it for the tenure, the tenure of Wiseman who's such a proven money-maker. "

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