Royal Oak Veterinarian Explains Biomodulator/Transducer Therapy

ROYAL OAK, Mich., Feb. 9, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- A Royal Oak veterinarian is letting area pet owners know about an advanced form of healing that uses electrical voltage to relieve pain and induce healing in animals. Dr. John Simon of Woodside Animal Hospital employs biomodulator/transducer therapy to treat both acute injuries and chronic conditions safely and non-invasively. "I am convinced that this technique will eventually supplant drug therapy, and possibly even laser therapy, as a preferred method for relieving muscle spasms, inflammation and other causes of tissue pain. We are very excited to offer this new form of treatment," says Dr. Simon.

The veterinarian describes biomodulator/transducer therapy as a method of pinpointing and correcting irregularities in electrical voltage within an animal's soft tissues. The areas of unnaturally low voltage, he explains, correspond to areas that are suffering from injury or disease. "These areas tend to experience low pH levels, meaning that they become overly acidic. This acidity forces cells to lose oxygen, creating an anaerobic environment that fosters inflammatory toxins and microorganisms," he says. Dr. Simon adds that because tissues must receive adequate amounts of oxygen and other nutrients before they can produce the amounts of ATP necessary for cell repair, the low voltage in the injury or disease site can prolong or prohibit full recovery even as it contributes to acute or chronic pain.

Dr. Simon uses the specialized technology to detect these low voltage levels and then raises them to a state that promotes tissue healing and pain relief. He notes that the biomodulator does not touch the skin or apply any pressure to do its work, which makes it an attractive option for pets experiencing severe pain. Once an area of low tissue voltage has been confirmed, he says, the transducer supplies the necessary micro-current to add electrons to the tissues, thus raising voltage by a tiny but significant amount. The veterinarian adds that the transducer therapy is not only painless but can also penetrate to a greater depth than laser therapy, another popular option for stimulating cell repair and relieving chronic pain. "We can apply the transducer to any point on a pet's body, which makes it possible for us treat even the most hard-to-reach organs and tissues," he adds.

Dr. Simon underwent special training to learn about electrical conduction as a healing modality and the use of the biomodulator/transducer system. He currently prescribes it for conditions including post-surgical recovery, muscle damage, osteoarthritis and other chronic pain conditions. While the veterinarian expresses excitement over the benefits of this form of therapy, however, he points out that it can also provide support to other therapeutic techniques as part of a larger holistic healing strategy.

In addition to biomodulator/transducer therapy, Woodside Animal Hospital provides wellness evaluations, vaccinations, surgery, x-rays, nutritional counseling and other veterinary services for Royal Oak pets.

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