Burbank Water & Power selects GRIDiant for Advanced Grid Analytics

GRIDiant Corp.

LOS ALTOS, Calif., Feb. 10, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Under an agreement announced today, GRIDiant Corporation will provide Burbank Water & Power (BWP) with GRIDview Asset Loading & Voltage Monitoring™, an advanced grid management software application for identifying and monitoring asset loads and voltages on the network for improved reliability and performance. This project demonstrates BWP's ongoing commitment to maintaining its system to the highest standards by incorporating new technologies and further maximizing its investment in AMI and other back-office systems. By leveraging this data through advanced analytics, BWP will have better visibility of system and asset performance resulting in improved reliability of service to customers.

GRIDview Asset Loading & Voltage Monitoring features geospatial network visualization, powerflow and patented grid analytics, provided to BWP under license from GRIDiant. The application provides BWP engineers and executives new capabilities for visualizing and analyzing loading profiles from the substation to the distribution transformer, as well as monitoring voltage levels through the use of AMI data. Further, GRIDiant's team of advanced power engineers will utilize GRIDiant's GRIDplan FCI application, to analyze BWP's network to determine the optimal number and placement of Fault Circuit Indicators necessary to provide significant improvements in CAIDI and outage response times.

BWP is a community-owned utility serving over 50,000 customers and residents of Burbank with water and power since 1913.

"Burbank Water and Power has partly been leveraging its investment in AMI by using the data in a new light of engineering practice which has improved field troubleshooting, capital spending, and maintenance of equipment. Having a tool such as GRIDview will cast aside the complicated spaghetti-coded spreadsheets our engineers are using and simplify the data for use by our entire organization. Not only will this software save the organization labor hours, it will quantify a dollar amount behind your decision based on power losses and the impact on equipment life. As an engineer, I will have a granular view of the cost impact my design will have on my organization in the years to come," states Riad Sleiman, senior electrical engineer for Burbank Water and Power.

"We are very pleased to include Burbank Water and Power in our list of California municipal utility customers, who are advancing their grid modernization programs and maximizing smart grid investments through the use of our advanced grid analytics. GRIDview Asset Loading & Voltage Monitoring is one of several advanced analytics applications offered by GRIDiant that enable utility companies to leverage current smart grid investments to drive improved reliability, power quality, technical and non-technical losses and asset integration," states Soorya Kuloor, GRIDiant's president and CTO.

About GRIDiant

GRIDiant provides an Advanced Grid Management (AGM™) suite of simulation, analytics, optimization, and analysis software, comprising a unique platform of applications for electric power networks driven by its patented GRIDfast™ engine. GRIDplan Reliability represents one specific application module. Developed and validated over 10 years, GRIDiant AGM allows electric utilities to optimize in real-time the operations and planning of transmission, distribution, and combined T&D networks, and to see the analytic results displayed geospatially on state-of-the art, interactive UIs. GRIDiant AGM allows electric utilities to leverage data from GIS, SCADA, OMS, AMI, Sensors and other equipment to realize savings through improved reliability, reduced technical and non-technical losses, heightened operating efficiency, increased asset utilization and enhanced demand response.

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About BWP

Burbank Water and Power is a community owned public utility serving the City of Burbank since 1913 with safe, reliable, affordable, and sustainable electric and water services. A leader in energy policy, BWP was the first utility in the nation to commit to 33% renewable energy attainment by 2020. BWP currently receives about 25% of its energy from renewable resources and is well on the way to achieving our goal of 33% in the coming year.

For more information about BWP visit www.BurbankWaterandPower.com

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