Faster and Border-less, CenseoHealth Converts to Tablet-Based Health Data Collection

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DALLAS, Feb. 10, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- CenseoHealth announces the conversion of its nationwide provider workforce to mobile, tablet-based data collection and patient management. Although traditional record keeping will be used in specific geographies, the movement to electronic record keeping is a leap forward for the fledgling traveling primary care industry.

"We're not constrained by the four walls of the familiar, allowing us to deliver care wherever the patient needs it. This means faster response times for any entity using that data to drive care strategies," said CenseoHealth's President and co-founder Bales Nelson.

CenseoHealth's integration to the mobile app means improved data integrity, decreased transcriptions errors, lower environmental waste, faster care delivery, better data auditing processing and the freedom for physicians to travel without concern for network accessibility.

Data integrity – CenseoHealth physician evaluators review nearly 300 data points during the health assessment, CareConsult. By entering the data directly into the mobile app, it is entered the same way, every time, for each visit. The data is transferred consistently and securely, enabling it to be searched, stored, and applied quickly for better health care delivery.

Decreased errors – By directly entering the data while visiting with the member, the mobile app eliminates transcription errors and improves the data collection process.

Lower waste – Traditionally through physical delivery methods, the movement to the mobile app reduces the amount of environmental waste associated with paper evaluation forms.

Faster care – Rather than waiting to receive the physical delivery of health data, members' evaluations come into CenseoHealth's secure Dallas quality assurance center as soon as the assessment is completed. Issues with medication, red flags for primary care physicians and other urgent issues can be immediately addressed, improving the care health plan beneficiaries receive after the assessment.

Better audit processing – Reviewing and validating the health data collected during a home health assessment is speedier and easier with the implementation of the mobile app. Auditors can pull up electronic files, rather than searching for paper documents, and more through reviews can be done, increasing the strength of the audit process.

Unlimited availability – The mobile app is usable both on and offline, allowing CenseoHealth physician evaluators to enter data even out of the reach of a data network.

The health data entered into the mobile app is secure and encrypted during every step of the process from entry to submission. Mobile devices can also be wiped remotely if ever compromised.

"We addressed the challenges of keeping the data safe, irrespective of connectivity," said CenseoHealth's Director of Information Technology Archie Block. "CenseoHealth now gets the data faster, addressing health issues sooner and helping deliver better care for our health plan partners."

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CenseoHealth's mission is to facilitate meaningful connections between health plans and their members by providing tailored solutions resulting in high-quality, cost-effective health care. The Company's suite of services is anchored by CareConsult™, a home health consultation conducted by one of the Company's 10,000 licensed physicians that results in improved member engagement, more accurate diagnoses, and more informed primary care providers. CenseoHealth's additional services expand the Company's breadth of support and subsequently assist health plans in their effort to close gaps in care and reduce medication errors.

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