Michigan Security Companies Announce Merger

Detroit, Feb. 10, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Two of Michigan's highly-regarded minority certified security and surveillance companies, Actron Systems and Tricon Security Group LLC, announced they have merged to form ATMC, the parent company for Actron Systems and Tricon Security Group LLC. The merger positions Actron as a leader in the field of high-tech security technology, staffing and integrations, providing their clients with 360-degrees of digital security solutions. The announcement was made by Ben Aycock and Michael Whittaker.

Located in Detroit's historic Guardian Building, Actron provides a full line of security solutions including high tech security and surveillance equipment to businesses and municipalities. Tricon Security will provide executive protection, film industry security, logistics, investigative services and event security services. Actron's newest service called Virtual Presence - Live Dedicated Remote Security launched with the merger of the two companies. Virtual Presence brings a whole new dimension to modern security practices while providing companies with exceptional value.

"We're proud to announce the merger between Actron Systems and Tricon Security," said Ben Aycock, President of Actron Systems. "This merger positions Actron and Tricon as a leader in the field of high tech security technology, staffing and integrations. By joining forces, we're positioned to capture a broader market share and reaffirm the company's status as a global leader in virtual security systems."

"The merger between Actron Systems and Tricon Security is destined to open new markets and increase revenue in an industry that's constantly changing," said Mike Whittaker, President of Tricon Security. "We're pleased with the merger and look forward to great the opportunities that lie ahead."

Founded in 1957, Actron Systems is a full-service integrator of high tech security systems, for municipalities, corporations and government agencies. Since 2004, Tricon Security Group LLC has addressed the specialized security requirements of a multitude of industries, including law enforcement, homeland security, the movie industry, executive protection and corporate security needs. Actron Systems is located in the Guardian Building, 500 Griswold St., Suite 2450, Detroit, Michigan. For more information visit www.actronsystems.com or call 1-855-4-ACTRON.

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