MRC's Gamer Safety Alliance Plays Host to Gamer Safety Week

GSA Gamer Safety Week

SEATTLE, Feb. 10, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today the MRC's Gamer Safety Alliance (GSA) kicked off the third annual Gamer Safety Week. This event unites industry leaders to focus on the latest security issues facing gamers. The theme for this year's Gamer Safety Week is, 'account safety and security in the online world,' and coincides with Safer Internet Day.

"Gamer Safety Week allows for the best minds in online gaming fraud prevention to collaborate on risk mitigation strategies that protect their consumers," commented the MRC's Karisse Hendrick, an industry specialist.

As we've seen with recent data breaches of consumer information, including passwords and usernames, fraudsters are able to easily jump from one consumer's account to another, allowing them access to all in-game content and payment information. According to the CyberSource Fraud Survey of 2013, account takeover was ranked as the second highest fraud threat to online merchants, over identify theft and botnets.

"When users invest so much time and money into their gameplay, account security becomes a serious issue. We want to make sure that people can continue to play and have fun without losing everything they have accomplished," said Mark Gerban, head of payments, Innogames.

The GSA strives to protect their collective consumers and has issued the following to ensure that gamers have a fun and positive experience.

  • Add security proofs (phone number, secondary email address, etc.) to all online accounts where possible, especially when email accounts are used as usernames.
  • Do not use the same moniker and password for your email address as other online accounts (ex., online account usernames = John123).
  • Use multiple e-mail addresses for online accounts. Consider using different groupings such as a secure e-mail address for all financial and banking information – one account for online shopping accounts and other for online gaming.

James Barrett, a fraud prevention associate at Turbine, added, "We understand how quickly a great game can be tarnished by fraudsters. It's important that we, as professionals, provide assistance, proactively when possible and reactively when necessary, for all fraud related issues."

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Established in 2009 by MRC members as an affiliate group, the Gamer Safety Alliance (GSA) is a cross-company effort to break down traditional competitive barriers and share information and best practices within the computer and video game industry. GSA members represent Global corporations including, Electronic Arts, Microsoft, Nexon America, Jagex, Blizzard and Mind Candy.

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