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Made in where? Inside Sochi Olympic uniforms

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When the opening ceremonies kicked off at the Sochi Winter Olympics, top athletes were able to strut their stuff on the world's largest catwalk—while proudly exhibiting their country's team uniform. Their garb ranged from tailored pantsuits to rainbow-colored puffy coats and patriotic sweaters. The goal: to showcase their national origin, while making a fashion statement.

Behind the scenes, many nations enlisted homegrown designers and manufacturers to create the outfits, further underscoring the athletes' patriotism.

But the reality of a global apparel supply chain can make for complications—as the U.S. found out in the 2012 London Olympics. When it came to light that Team USA's uniforms were in fact made in China, the U.S. saw significant backlash back home. Angry viewers took to Twitter and Facebook to vent their outrage.

For the latest Olympics, CNBC looked at several countries to find out more about the production and designs of these uniforms.

By CNBC's Katie Little. Follow her on Twitter @KatieLittle

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