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Sandberg talks ad challenges, teens, and Facebook's future

Facebook's Sandberg on main apps and privacy

Now that Facebook gets more than half its revenue from mobile, the company is looking to get small and mid-sized businesses to buy more ads on its platform, said Sheryl Sandberg, the company's Chief Operating Officer.

Just a week and a half after Facebook's best quarterly results ever—surpassing expectations and sending the stock soaring—Sandberg sat down for an exclusive interview at the inaugural "Makers Conference," an event focused on women leaders.

Since Sandberg's last TV interview about the business—on CNBC in October 2012—Facebook has undergone a total transformation. Then, mobile cash was nearly non-existent; now, it's more than half of the company's revenue. Sandberg reflected on the biggest challenges of that transformation and where Facebook's going next.

Facebook's big investments

Sandberg said Facebook has been able to shift its revenue model in just a year and a half because of a relentless focus and where the company has been investing. "There have been three main investments we've made. The first is taking advantage and really doubling down on the shift to mobile," she said. "When it started happening, we really put all of our resources there and made a very fast shift.