Photo Release -- Oriental Rug Industry Leader Forms Persian American Business Leadership Council to Recognize the Dynamic Role Played by This Proud Immigrant Community

David Harounian

NEW YORK, Feb. 12, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- David Harounian, past president of Oriental Rugs Importers Association and Chief Executive Officer of Harounian Rugs International (HRI) in New York, has announced the formation of the Persian American Business Leadership Council for the purpose of strengthening the bonds between this vibrant immigrant ethnic group and the broader American business community as a whole.

David Harounian

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Mr. Harounian is the past recipient of the coveted AmericasMart Atlanta President's Award in recognition of his selfless service and leadership within the U.S. area rug industry, most notably evidenced by his tenure as the longest-serving president of the Oriental Rug Importers Association (ORIA). The national trade association was formed in 1958 to foster ethical business practices and promote the best interests of the Oriental Rug Trade in the United States and in countries that produce Oriental rugs.

His professional legacy includes the unprecedented opening of vocational schools for the benefit of children within the rug manufacturing communities of India and Pakistan. The schools, which were developed in collaboration with Mr. Harounian's brother Lee, and later supported by ORIA and AmericasMart parent AMC, Inc., created vital educational opportunities which otherwise would have been non-existent.

Harounian's decision to form the Persian American Business Leadership Council is based on his leadership experience at ORIA. Harounian explained, "The Persian-American business community is built on the integrity of the individual businessman and woman and the collective experience of immigrants committed to living the American dream. We believe we have an obligation to our country, our families and ourselves to promote the success of our shared experience, honoring those who have come before us and assisting those who will follow."

"In its formation the Council's stated strategic mission is to celebrate our nation's diversity and call attention to the American success story that is the Persian-American business community."

Mr. Harounian noted, "It is estimated that the United States is home to more than a million Persian Americans, many of whom hold leadership positions throughout a broad spectrum of disciplines including business, law, real estate, science, medicine, the arts, entertainment and education. This emerging organization is designed to focus on those who have been enormously successful as business entrepreneurs."

The Persian American Business Leadership is open to all without regard to religion, ethnicity or background. "It is a celebration of the power of diversity in America," offered Harounian. "While its name proudly speaks to a specific heritage, the Council welcomes all to its membership roll as it underscores our group's mission."

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