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Twitter tests a new look

Christina Medici Scolaro
Tech Yeah! New, improved Twitter

Twitter's latest experiment is with a new look.

The social network, which is continually striving to evolve its product, a few months ago changed how users can log in directly from an iOS or Android app and how they can share photos. Just a month ago, it tweaked its design.

Twitter is known to use testing phases before committing to any new release. In its latest, the company has begun looking at yet another visual redesign of its profile pages.

According to Mashable, the new profile pages feature a larger, left-aligned profile picture. The tweet stream is presented in a block style, instead of the vertical one users are used to.

The new look will make Twitter more visually compelling, along the lines of other social networks such as Facebook and Pinterest.

"While the newsfeed style has served Twitter well and built the base, the evolution of how most people use social is with visual storytelling versus text-based status updates," Jeremy Rosenberg, head of digital at Allison & Partners, told CNBC.

"That doesn't mean there isn't room for pure text, but as the rise of Pinterest and Instagram and the evolution of Google and Facebook have shown, a more visual experience proves to be more engaging," he added.

The revision probably won't be a game changer, though, according to Rosenberg.

"The most engaged people on Twitter primarily access via mobile devices ... so in some ways this won't have a huge impact [with] people who currently use it the most," he said. "However, this is probably designed to engage and attract newer users at a faster rate."

—By Christina Medici Scolaro