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2014's top 10 companies for internships

If you are in school, recently graduated, or even changing careers, internships are crucial for gaining work experience, forging connections and building your resume.

But the best internships are the ones where you will work as part of a team, doing interesting work, rather than spending your days as an ... ahem ... "coffee conveyance technician." It would probably be nice to make a little money as well.

Glassdoor, a firm that sells recruiting services to businesses, compiled a list of the top 25 companies for internships in 2014, based on ratings provided independently by interns. (When asked, Glassdoor declined to provide CNBC with the names of companies that interns ranked lowest.)

CNBC pulled Glassdoor's top 10, which is heavy on tech companies. For the full list, ranked from best to 10th, as well as a few interns' comments, click ahead for the full slideshow.

—By CNBC's Robert Ferris
Posted 13 Feb. 2014

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