Bravo Focuses on AquaPhere Air to Water Machines With Hose In and Cancels 120,000,000 Restricted Shares From the Issued Stock of the Company

NEW YORK, Feb. 14, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Bravo Enterprises Ltd. (OTCBB:OGNG) reports that based on recent and ongoing consumer opinion, Bravo has decided to economize its water production and sales price on the commercial and industrial units by introducing the AquaCube 1000. The AquaCube 1000 is an economical solution to consumer water needs in urban and rural areas. Its water production capacity of 125 Gallons of clean water per day allows for single family useage for drinking, washing, cleaning and bathing.

Due to Bravo going in a different direction with the more economical and versatile machines being manufactured as the AquaPhere 110, AquaPhere 220, and AquaCube 1000, Bravo will be cancelling, by mutual consent, the 120,000,000 restricted common shares issued to Water For The World Manufacturing Inc. pursuant to its 2012 agreement for a patented technology that will no longer be used.

After the cancellation of the 120,000,000 restricted common shares, the issued and outstanding shares of Bravo will be 32,513,530 common shares. Management of Bravo views this latest development as a positive step for the Company.

The Company continues to focus its efforts on the next generation AquaPhere 110 and AquaPhere 220 machines which are Air to Water with Hose In capabilities. Hose In means that the AquaPhere machines can act as a filtration system for tap water or rain water and dispensed to the end user like a cooler with hot and cold water. The AquaPhere machines also act as dehumidifiers and air cleaners. These machines are expected to be sold through Bravo's distribution channels.

Furthermore, the AquaPhere machines can be used all year round when the relative humidity is not at its optimum for the atmospheric generation aspect of the machine's operation.

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