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COLUMBUS, Ohio, Feb. 14, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Language Access Network ("LAN"), the national leader in video remote interpreting for the healthcare industry, today announced the spin-out of Carenection, the world's most widely-used telehealth marketplace, supporting over 18,000 encounters per month. Carenection's mission is to deliver industry-leading telehealth solutions and serve as the most comprehensive telehealth marketplace in the United States. LAN is Carenection's first client, already linking hundreds of hospitals nationwide. As a result, each LAN member hospital may now collaborate with any other member as a consumer and/or provider of consultations in telestroke, telepsychiatry and teleradiology, as well as any other telehealth specialty.

LAN is pursuing this strategy to allow Carenection to reach its full potential as an independent provider of sophisticated technology solutions to hospitals and providers. In addition, this strategic shift will allow LAN to focus on delivering the highest quality and most innovative language services in the market without expending valuable resources, support and leadership on the technology utilized to deliver its service.

After more than ten years of innovation in the telehealth community, the management team at LAN saw an opportunity to accelerate the adoption of telehealth services across the medical industry. Leveraging their existing private network and their team of Network and IT specialists, they have created Carenection. Under the care of LAN CEO James Edwards and LAN CTO Josh O'Brien, Carenection will continue to provide top-tier services to LAN and their clients while continuing to open up opportunities for public and private path telehealth services between all Carenection clients. In doing so, LAN strengthens its platform and continues to focus on being the gold standard in medical interpretation.

"While we are a technology-enabled service business, we believe that what separates us from our competitors is our ease of use, 100% healthcare focus and the quality of our language center based interpreter teams," stated Andrew Panos, COO of Language Access Network. "We have developed leading-edge expertise on how to deliver video and have helped many of our hospital clients improve the stability and operability of their network environments. It just made sense to let the market continue to benefit from our IT capabilities on a broader scale."

"This spin out allows each organization to spend time and resources on what they do best," stated James Edwards, Co-founder of Carenection and LAN's CEO. "We simply felt the best way to unlock each company's potential was to separate them. LAN pioneered the remote video interpretation industry and now has launched another pioneer in Carenection. The value this provides to existing LAN clients and partners is tremendous."

"We are excited and proud to be first to offer the healthcare industry an innovation like Carenection," stated Josh O'Brien, Carenection Co-Founder and LAN's CTO. "As an IT leader in healthcare, I know the challenges faced by our client hospitals. Carenection was founded to simplify telehealth solutions by providing a single point of contact to meet all of our client's telehealth needs. Our goal is to deliver an end-to-end unified platform."

Carenection currently links over 350 hospitals and more than 2,000 video endpoints via a HIPAA compliant, private broadband network specifically optimized for delivering telehealth services. The result is a satisfaction improving, outcome enhancing and ROI driving tool for increasing access to high quality care in a timely fashion. The Carenection network enables all member hospitals to establish their own telehealth relationships with others on the network.

"Telehealth is a key driver of high quality care," stated Jason Greenspan, M.D., FACEP, Carenection's Chief Medical Officer. "Carenection will allow patients to access world-class physicians and health care providers and address hospitals' dire need for call panel physicians nationwide, regardless of geography."

This partnership means that every LAN client is automatically a member of the Carenection Telehealth Delivery Network (CTDN). The very same circuit LAN clients currently use for interpretation services can also connect them to other hospitals nationwide over Carenection's private broadband cloud.

Carenection offers an array of related services, including consulting, business intelligence, reporting, and network infrastructure procurement, management and support.

About Carenection

Carenection is a comprehensive end-to-end telehealth solutions partner that brings together best-in-breed technology, hardware, network infrastructure and consulting services to provide real-time access to critical healthcare resources in order to improve outcomes, reduce costs and enhance satisfaction for patients and providers. With over 18,000 encounters per month, Carenection is the most widely used telehealth marketplace in the U.S.

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About Language Access Network

LAN partners with some of the largest healthcare systems in the United States to provide immediate, reliable, secure, compliant, on-demand video interpreting for the Limited English Proficient and Deaf and Hard of Hearing patient populations. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in more than 210 languages, LAN helps speed diagnoses, improve outcomes and drive patient and provider satisfaction. LAN's medically trained, language-center-based interpreters are available at the push of a button to help our clients connect, communicate and care.

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